Engagement Models that Brainvire offers for Software Development

Engagement Models that Brainvire offers for Software Development

Regardless of the industry, you belong to or the features that you desire for your app or web, you need a functional app. Approaching and selecting a reliable firm is a stepping stone to embark on a lucrative web, mobile, and ERP development journey.

Almost, 70% of new mobile app development expeditions kick-starts with the selection of the app development firm.

Brainvire has a customer-centric approach for software development that can transform your unclear app idea into a reality. Our skilled software developers can create a functional app with the right set of features required for your entity.

The following factors can help you decide which agency to choose –

  • Experience
  • Development Process
  • Cost Involved
  • Go-Live Schedule, and many more.

An engagement model can assist you in making the right choices for your business.

It plays a significant role in the app development process, so it is important to know which models are offered via the company that you have shortlisted.

Remember to ask all important and relevant questions while hiring an app development firm. This model signifies the collaboration between the client and the app development firm. The right engagement model can help gain significant control over your app.

App development companies offer different sets of engagement models and their types differ as per the client and project requirements.

Brainvire’s experts offer versatile engagement models suitable for different types of app development projects such as Android, hybrid, and iOS app development. Skimp through the list of our diverse list of engagement models for appropriate selection.

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Fixed-Time and Cost Model

Under this model, the team evaluates all the project requirements. Based on these details they share the exact time and cost for the app development with their clients.

Some perks of this model include:

  • Transparency- Team members and the client have clarity on what to expect from each other. This reduces miscommunication and potential scope of an unsatisfied client.
  • Predictability- Our clients have knowledge about the exact amount that they are likely to spend and the day when they will obtain their desired app.
  • Improved Management- Clients don’t have to follow-up with the team for updates. This saves a lot of time and efforts and allows developers to work in a comfortable and synchronized environment.
  • Project Details- Right from the inception of the project, the team has a clear idea about the project details and requirements. This information helps them to work efficiently and the app is ready-to-go-live on the set date.

This model is well-suited for projects where there is clarity on project requirements right from the scratch. A project with fewer complexities and clear project details helps the team to set a specific time frame and cost.

This model is quite popular and can accelerate the mobile, web app or ERP development process and eventually trigger business development.

Material and Time-Based Model

This is one of the most-preferred models for web, mobile app or ERP development. In this model, the client is charged on an hourly basis for the work done.

For instance, when the team works for 5 hours a day to develop the app, the client pays for only those 5 hours. This engagement model is more appropriate with clients that need timely progress reports on the design and development of the app.

A few advantages of this model include:

  • Modification- The team and the client have liberty to modify the design or the web or mobile app or ERP development process. For instance, the client can ask the team to add a particular feature while they are still in the process of Android app development.
  • Agile Methodology-This model utilizes the Agile methodology to the fullest. This means that the team and the client can enjoy add-on perks of this methodology.
  • Better Command- Developers get better command of the app development process.
  • Reduced Risks-This engagement model reduces risks for clients as well as developers.
  • Amplified Process- This model allows the client and the team to gather ideas rapidly and accelerate the development process.

On-Site Model

In this model, either a team of developers or a resource are moved to the client’s location until the project gets completed. Clients that need professional assistance in every aspect of the project usually prefer this model.

This model enables development of a comprehensive app under constant examination of experts. Developers can trace potential loop-holes, update the client, and accordingly work on it.

This eliminates the scope of including unwanted features and errors in the process. This helps to:

  • Quicker communication
  • Better transparency
  • Cost-effective

In the past,Brainvire has earned and accomplished several projects based on this model. Our developers have visited the client’s location to understand their requirements precisely and coordinated with the team back home to complete the project as per the client’s requests. 

Hire-Dedicated Team Model

Under this model, companies are assigned a team of designers and developers that work specifically for them. The client is charged for the amount of time developers have worked on the project.

Similar to the on-site model, this model is an appropriate choice for companies that need a professional skill set to accomplish certain aspects of the project. Unlike the on-site model, in this model developers don’t have to shift to the client’s location.

A few benefits of this model:

  • IP Protection- This model offers IP protection to the client and also high-end security.
  • Improved Control- Under this model, developers gain more control over different app development activities and the overall process as well.
  • Estimated Budget- The team can provide the client an estimated budget right at the start, based on the requirements of the project. This will help the client to make their decision and also bring clarity on the budget.
  • Flexibility- This model is more flexible than the fixed time and cost model.
  • Durable Relationships- It helps the service provider understand the client’s requirements clearly, simplifying  managing and completing the project on time. This helps to maintain a good and long-lasting relationship with clients.

Off-Shore Development Model

Off-shore development models are suitable for businesses that need higher-level of security in IT transformation. Under this model, the team is offered a separate workspace with specific timings, tools, work devices, and protocols based on the client’s request.

In this model, the team carries out all the project-related activities at the off-shore development center. This model is designed such that the client can make optimal use of the available on-demand talent and skills of our team.  Our team can coordinate with the client’s in-house team for transparent communication and work in-sync with the project needs. 

Under this model, businesses are bound to visualize flourishing results only when they approach developers with great expertise and profound knowledge. Their experience can help evaluate the project requirements precisely and dedicatedly work towards it. 

Some exclusive perks of this model are:

  • Reduced labor and overall project costs
  • Talented and professional resources to accomplish tasks
  • Eliminates the unwanted cost of additional infrastructure
  • Utilize advanced tools and technologies and under supervision of skilled professionals
  • Time difference doesn’t hamper work productivity

Our talented team can help plan, design, evaluate, and successfully launch an app through an effective IT solution development.

Brainvire’s developers have worked on all these models for a variety of clients and across the globe. Our seasoned developers possess the skill set to recommend and implement the best solution for a functional and smooth running app. 

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