How We Do It – Brainvire’s Solution Development Process

Brainvire's Solution Development Process

Brainvire has spent several years refining a method that produces results. Working through several planning stages, we continue to work with you and your partners, periodically updating the goals of the project and ensuring that the needs of customers are addressed.

Throughout the process, we generate comprehensive reports, which ensure we have the same standards and consistent requirements for achieving the highest quality of work.

Here’s a look at our project development process where we take your idea and transform it into reality


The goal of consulting is to get to know you, understand your business or perspective, your context, and the opportunities and barriers to change so that we can find the best way on how technology can help you achieve your goals and meet user needs. Our consulting process leads to a digital blueprint, which supports the development process from the start.

Once we understand your needs, we take the time to gain a deeper understanding of how to deal with them through consultation sessions, stakeholder seminars, and creating detailed documentation for use throughout the project. With a project plan, you know what to expect and when.

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  • Business challenges & flow
  • Requirement gathering
  • Feature list
  • Project overview
  • Market Analysis

Design Sprint

With the blueprint created in the consulting phase, we continue to design your application. Our design sprint includes a design thinking approach where we can find, describe, design, code, and deliver the right solution, followed by user personas and product prototypes. Our technical team reports the results of the ideation workshop to plan and design the overall project architecture.

Our team develops a proposal document, which includes all the relevant details, design specifications, detailed assessments, schedules, and conditions. Upon your approval, we will proceed to the development stage.


  • Build spec
  • Architecture planning
  • Prototyping
  • SRS documentation
  • Deciding on the scope of work
  • Sketching and storyboarding

UI Design and Experience Testing

Using insights from the Design Sprint, our UI/UX designer will fine-tune user stories, journeys, and statuses to create a clear, seamless, and engaging experience. And most importantly, repeated user testing.

User experience is one of the most important things in any project. Our experts are qualified to match user expectations and get the best results. This stage will help to understand the user’s awareness and thereby, achieve a prototype that can achieve the desired results.

The design team turns wireframes into full-color designs. Following this, we create a technological infrastructure, add content, and finalize it by integrating design and functionality ready to be released.

At the same time, our UI design team exercises prototypes built to present visual design language and appealing product interfaces, ensuring that the essence of the brand is merged with the desired look and feel.


  • User personas
  • Documentation of user tasks
  • Outline of User expectations
  • Clickable wireframe prototype 
  • Visual design
  • Brand identity management

Development and Testing

All our processes including application development, service management, and system maintenance include agile methods. With the necessary details and databases, we enable an Agile and DevOps-based Application Lifecycle Management system

Then a team is assembled based on pre decided criteria including schedule requirements, stakeholder vision, frequency of feedback cycles, tools, etc. This is a very important step and we don’t let anything get off track. 

Our dynamic Agile Scrum development process is based on an iterative Agile Scrum methodology, which includes a release plan built from backlogs. This lubricates our development process, increases automation, and ensures reliability. Frequent builds allow you plenty of time to test and adapt. Our professional Quality Assurance (QA) team will define and manage tests.


  • Team constitution
  • Baseline coding
  • Release plan
  • Automation inclusion
  • Quality assured front-end and back-end coding
  • Testing and bug fixes

Product Launch

We don’t launch the final product to market until we are completely convinced. After several inspections, we deliver the final product. Apart from that, we provide all the test cases, installations, and user manuals to the stakeholders. The final product shows the best quality because we take the quality management model seriously.

After all the requirements are met and the work has been tested and verified, we work with you to launch the project. 


  • A fully functional product
  • Launching at the right time
  • Working according to the growth strategy
  • Produce the first or beta version live and in-market

Maintenance and Support

Updates are essential for a product to succeed. Using both quantitative and qualitative monitoring tools, we will help you find opportunities for enhancing and upgrading your product based on user data and feedback.

Our team is always available to provide any maintenance and support assistance you might need post-launch.


  • Continuous support and maintenance of the post-launch product
  • Design and development of new features based on marketing data, analytical data, and ongoing user testing.
  • Qualitative feedback (e.g. interviews and reviews)

Agility in Development Process 

We engage in the business of partnering with organizations to recognize and meet the imperative requirements of an ever-changing, growing, and diverse market. Our development process strives to provide a competitive advantage to clients through the intellectual capital we offer.