The Three Popular B2B App Marketing Strategies for Every App Development Firm Nov 05, 2015

B2B marketing or “Business-to-Business Marketing” as the name suggests is the popular phenomenon of marketing adopted by businesses to sell their products and services to other businesses. Here the business instead of dealing with individual consumers directly relies on other businesses for product or service selling. Shortly defined, it is the process of marketing a business’s products or services to other business instead of consumers directly.

B2B App Marketing Strategies for Every App Development

B2B app marketing is similar to this phenomenon except the case that the products or services to be sold are replaced with the apps. Yes, B2B app marketing is a strategy that any mobile app development company may adopt in order to market and sell its apps to the other businesses instead of direct consumer base. This is a comparatively lucrative business strategy as compared to the regular B2C or Business-to-Consumer model. The mobile application development companies are likely to earn more profits per client with B2B marketing strategy rather than B2C. Yes, here you focus on conversion more rather than volume.

Instead of developing generic apps and publishing them on app store or considering online branding or marketing of the apps for better business, an app development company can effectively deal with other businesses, communicate with them and provide them with required app services in order to get better profits and get their business going.

There are three main strategies for B2B app marketing and they are as follows.

Conversion Focused B2B Marketing Strategy:

In the conversion focused app marketing model, the mobile application development company focuses on creating apps that add value to the users. This is a common process actually but in the context of B2B marketing it is slightly different. Here your apps are supposed to add value to the users, not the general users who are found at the general app store but the potential clients of the business with which you are dealing with. Hence, you are dealing with warm leads here instead of cold leads as in the case of B2C. So, with conversion focused strategy, any app business can get more clients for their client business with better app and hence, can emphasize a better customer relationship with them. In turn, a better relationship means better profits for the company.

Exposure Focused Strategy:

Exposure focused strategy lays emphasis on generating leads for the mobile app developing business rather than profits as seen in conversion model. Here the mobile application development company offers businesses an opportunity to reach out to a targeted and already excited customer base. For example, consider there are apps with high quality leads. You can just reskin those apps as per the requirement of the client business and hence, help them target the customer base already focused with these apps. Hence, exposure focused strategy will get more clients. More clients is equals to more business which in turn will get the company more money.

Ease To Market Strategy:

In ease to market strategy, the company just needs to influence the client businesses to go for app development. It’s probably similar to impressing the clients with tactics for better business. It cannot be called cheating or something like that but it is all about value offering to the users within limited time, efforts and budget they desire. This strategy will help the B2B leads or the so-called client businesses to get in agreement faster and hence, this leads to better business for the mobile app development company.

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