Top 6 Reasons To Use DNN For Your Business

If you have ever come across this question – ‘Which is the best CMS for my business?’ in your mind, then you are at the right place to get your answer. As an experienced web-consultant specialized in DNN, I would say- ‘Go for DNN!’ because you can maintain your fully customized website in style along with creating & updating contents confidently whenever your business requires.

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There are several reasons to choose the feature-rich CMS(Content Management System)- DotNetNuke for your business, but I will explain only the top 6 reasons to justify why I prefer DNN- the leading open-source web CMS over any other CMS to build dynamic and data-driven web-based applications.

  • Built-in Security
  • Extreme Scalability & High Performance
  • Easy Customization And Ease Of Use
  • Social Network and A Large DNN Community
  • Mobile-friendly CMS Website
  • Built-in E-commerce Solution


Built-in Security

With a built-in Security model in the CMS architecture, you can have the full control over your web pages. If you build a website, then you can decide who can edit, view the web pages and you can even charge for the premium content available on your web pages. DNN helps you to do validation & encryption to add a layer of security on your webpage.

Moreover, if you want your content to be available only for some selected users, then you can set that restriction too and your webpage will not be there on Google. In short, your data & info will get the ultimate security without involving any third party application. Security is indeed a big thing from any business perspective and DNN gives you the full authority for your content.

Extreme Scalability & High Performance

DNN provides you the power to add a number of pages to your website as per your requirement without any hassle. With features such as web farm, page caching and module caching DNN can load any website very quickly that will improve SEO of any webpage as well which is responsible to bring traffic to your website. And who does not want to offer a great experience to the end users?

Easy Customization And Ease Of Use

Using the same default template skins and models, you can easily give your website a grand look. Anyone can create a skin and it is not mandatory to have high knowledge of coding or prior technical knowledge for using DNN. With the simple training of front-end tech, mainly HTML & CSS are enough to give your website a new appearance. So anyone with minimal training can add pages along with some new features or change page layouts within minutes.

Free & paid- both DNN extensions are available and as I have mentioned before- DNN is an open source software and that means you are able to run your website on the internet for free. So you can always check your budget and use tools accordingly.

Coming to the ‘DNN’s customized platform’– it is easy to use and the same content can be used easily on multiple sites, devices and apps.

Social Network & A Large DNN Community

With the help of internal social network & a large external community, DNN CMS gives you the chance to reduce support expense in your project and improve collaboration & communication amongst employees which, in turn, increases work efficiency. Besides increasing employee productivity, DNN also improves the opportunity to grow more revenue in business.

Mobile-friendly CMS Website

Smartphone usage is increasing around the globe and you must not ignore the power of a mobile-friendly website for your business. When you are building a website or adding new features to the existing webpage, don’t forget to update your mobile app using DNN Evoq as it supports responsive web-application. Also, you will get amazing mobile templates, and get the chance to experience all type of possibilities before making the app live!

Built-in E-commerce Solution

So far I have explained about the benefits that you can get in general but an interesting fact is that DNN has a built-in eCommerce solution for selling physical goods, digital downloads.

“DNN works seamlessly with popular payment gateways – Paypal, SagePay, Google Checkout.”

And as I mentioned earlier DNN CMS is customizable and my team used that advantage to design e-stores in order to maximize exposure, usability and most importantly conversion. Following the business demand and trends, using DNN & ASP.Net, we have delivered several e-commerce solutions that can be integrated into any business applications you use.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, Evoq analytics gives businesses a good knowledge & understanding of the number of visits on any particular web page and it helps them track conversions for their CMS website.

↣ Prominent Use-Cases of DNN

Although I wanted to largely focus only on the reasons why DNN is beneficial for your company, it would be relevant if I provide some examples of successful implementation of DNN CMS as many reputable institutions across different industries such as BOA (Bank of America), CBS Studio, Dominos Pizza, Samsung, Bose and Govt. organizations are already using DNN’s CMS customer solutions.

  • Following a thorough research & understanding the DNN framework, my team developed an HRMS portal to streamline the entire human resource management and recruitment process. And this has been proved to be effective as everything right from managing leave, employee attendance, training, performance evaluation to benefits- all can be handled through one simple yet attractive user interface.


  • Apart from this one, we developed an Insurance website to educate our customers and help them make the best decision for themselves during purchasing insurance policies. We did not stop here. The team gave extra efforts to help customers by bringing every single little information right from insurance types to common insurance pitfalls under one single platform.


If you are planning to develop a cost-effective and scalable web page or have a thought in mind to add some more features to make your website more amazing, then our team of developers can provide you that solution with exclusive features within your budget in no time! If you want to go for CMS development based on DNN for your business needs or if you have anything in mind, then you can drop a mail at