Revolution 2017: Mobile App Development Trends from Here to Eternity

Billions of people and myriad apps. Welcome to the world of smartphones! As the mobile industry continues to expand, the number of new enterprise and consumer mobile apps are witnessing their own exponential growth like never before. With such growth comes competition—fierce and savage—because mobile users are downloading, and uninstalling feeble apps making them seem “gone with the wind” in no time. In such a scenario, mobile app development industry is brooding over the latest, captivating trends that are imminent in the upcoming year and ahead.

Revolution 2017 Mobile App Development Trends from Here to Eternity

1. All about Saving Space

Are you reluctant to download that new app, in spite of appreciating it? The only reason for this seems to be a lack of space on your smartphone. Gotcha! On a serious note, technologies that can solve the issue of app installation barrier like streaming and on-demand resources, will be highly in demand in 2017.

2. An Integration of Apps

Integration of apps will not only liberate users from installing additional apps, but also make their mobile screen look elegantly uncluttered. How does booking a cab from a Facebook conversation sound? If the news about Uber integrating with navigation and messaging apps is true, the year 2017 may witness a large and diverse integration of apps. Because it is always better to have high quality with low quantity, a fewer apps providing the same usability is a plus point as compared to a more number of apps providing the same functionality.

3. Clings, Internet of Things (IoT)

Connected gadgets are usually managed through desktop and mobile applications. Since every IoT-related software requires a dedicated application that can enable the users to manage smart devices, mobile apps may find a place in future IoT application development by virtue of their innovativeness and popularity among the masses.

4. Unwind, with Accessibility in Mind

Not all of us are same. One can operate a mobile app in a jiffy while another may struggle with that same app for eons. Considering smartphone users who are aged or those who have disabilities of some kind, reckons for a consensual ease of accessibility irrespective of age or ability. Not only for especially abled, but for everyone in general, ease of access sounds good. The upcoming year may therefore, see new control functions in the smartphones, like speech recognition, multiple switches etc.

5. Lots with Chatbots

An enterprise cannot expect people to download their app all the time. So, how to seamlessly get and remain connected to your target audience imposes a serious question. To get connected to their targeted audience, creating AI-powered chatbots is gaining momentum day by day. Creating Chatbots seem to become a hot and challenging trend in the upcoming year 2017.

6. Security! Security!

Cyber-attacks has haunted every smartphone user once or more; even though they have or have not been the victim of it. Most people do not even lock their phones. Also, commercial transactions are becoming more and more cashless day by day. App development companies can reap a lot of benefits by focusing on and developing apps that can meet the basic security requirements for every app user.

7. Walk in the Clouds

Phrases and acronyms associated with Cloud Computing, like “No hardware, no software”, “BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)” have made organizations flourish in the market. Such has been the impact of cloud-based technologies or simply Cloud Computing. The issues associated with mobile development and mobile computing can be solved by moving mobile apps and data on cloud servers. It will be both speedy and cost-effective and consequently trendy in the upcoming years.

8. UPI and Wallet

With the crucial demonetization step taken by the Indian Government, Unified Payment Interface (UPI) and mobile wallet apps over smartphones can have enormous impact on the Asian market, especially the Indian market. Much more than half of the Indian population is now compelled to take cashless transactional steps. Small businesses and some big businesses were dependent on cash flow, but not anymore. The major turnaround due to the demonetization can be the smartphone based payment solutions that instantly allows sending and receiving of payments.

9. Data Science and Big Data

Growth in business is directly proportional to data analytics. Because it is the data that is processed to provide information, more precisely, valuable information; mobile apps that can provide this facility can be substantial in the upcoming year 2017 and ahead. Data Science and Big Data on mobile sounds not only good, but awesome.

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