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  • Published OnAugust 3, 2017

  • Updated On May 31, 2021

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As per the latest reports – “About 75% of the web traffic is generated through mobile”. Today, mobile has become a primary channel to access information over the internet. The growing popularity of mobile device has resulted in huge declination over desktop usage. The increasing trend of customer conducting their purchases from the mobile device has increased gradually. Still, there is a business that has failed to understand the importance of website presence over multiple platforms which fails in maximizing conversions. About 45% of the users state that they would lower the priority to access website that is not mobile optimized. So, in order to increase conversion rate and boost sales lead, here are few pointers that you need to consider to increase the likelihood of mobile conversions of your customers.

1.  Speed:

The speed of your website on a mobile device will determine the likelihood of mobile conversion. About 64% of the users stated that smartphones are their primary channel to make purchasing decisions and they are more likely to buy products from the site which is speedy, interactive and mobile friendly. So, ensure that you have optimized your website for a variety of browsers to ensure smooth and delightful user experience.

2.  Uncluttered Design:

With the mobile device having a smaller screen size as compared to desktops, it’s quite essential to maintain a user-friendly experience. Mobile Website with Clean, clear and simple design along with clarity in objectives is more likely to lead more mobile conversions. The best mobile app design drives user with simple, concise and short purchasing process rather than the one filled with heavy elements and innumerable redirects.

3.  Effective Navigation:

Well, not all the screen sizes are different but yeah, customer’s behavior on every single smartphone device is different. The only trend that seems common among multiple mobile devices is parallax scrolling. It allows users to stay on the same page (eliminating page loading issue) which in turns lead purchase from users.

4.  Shorter Purchase Journey:

The trick to encourage mobile conversions lies within user purchase journey on your website. The shorter and smoother purchase journey experience is, more likely it is to increase purchase leads.

So, it is advisable to keep the process short and sweet. Give the users an alternative to checkout without having to register. You can even allow customers to purchase with their PayPal account which is a quicker solution to tap in your debit/credit card details.

5.  Mobile Optimization:

Probably one of the most important factor to consider during website development. Ensure that your website is responsive across multiple devices as 80% of the users trust professionally build and responsive website first as compared to an irresponsive desktop website.

Smartphones are is becoming more influential by the day, with 87% adults keeping their smartphones within arm’s reach, mobile search is becoming equally important. As almost 50% of mobile searches lead to purchases, a business failing to optimize their website fails to maximize their conversion rates. Hope this article will help you to identify the factors essential to increase conversions. Have any other thoughts in your mind? Comment us below to discuss with us.

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