What Makes Microsoft Azure the Best Platform for Building Cloud Apps?

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  • Published On October 5, 2015

  • Updated On June 17, 2024

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Microsoft Azure, popularly known as Windows Azure, is a cloud computing platform used for developing, managing and hosting applications off-site. The cloud computing services are of great value for the small, mid-sized or new firms that have data storage problems or insufficient on-premises server capabilities. With cloud services, it’s like you are renting the data capacity from the large companies like Microsoft and pay for it as you go. The magnificence of these services is that you get everything at lesser efforts and costs.

For example, consider you want to develop an online booking application your business, an app that can effectively handle requests or processes from a large number of customers. For this, you will require a basic platform, which will include an operating system that would be required to be made up-to-date and network which would again include routers, load balancer points, data storage, etc. Yes, as a start-up firm or small scale business, this would not be possible for you as you would require hiring people to care about the servers, network appliances, software updates, backup, and other issues.

This would lead to a lot of time and cost overheads. With cloud computing services, you only have to worry about your business application you want to provide to your customers without having to deal with the operating system, database, web server or other such things. Hence, you can now focus on your core business application without having to worry about the underlying platform and other related things.

With components like SQL Azure or database services, operating system, and .NET services, Windows Azure Development is the best platform for developing cloud apps. It runs on the computers that are located in Microsoft’s data centers and hence, there are many benefits of developing cloud apps on Azure. Let us now have a look at a few of these microsoft technologies.

1. Finding developers to build cloud apps for Azure would not be a difficult task as here the applications can be written in similar languages as used for the development of the Windows-based apps. For example, VB, C#, C++ are some of the programming languages used in cloud app development based on Azure Development.

2. Conversion of existing Windows development services to the cloud version is really easy as the Windows environment is very much like the Azure environment.

3. Microsoft application development with Azure would not be that difficult as the platform has got its SDK or software development kit which one can run on local computers while developing or debugging an application.

4. Scalability is one of the biggest assets of developing cloud apps with Microsoft Azure as Azure provides performance efficient storage services in the cloud. With Azure, it is possible to develop applications which can scale from ten to ten thousand or even millions of users. It’s possible to allocate the number of processors required for the application to use and moreover, this can be changed or increased with the changing or increasing needs. Hence, it is easy to bring new apps to market and make them respond to the changing needs rapidly.

5. With SQL Azure database in the cloud, your firm gets the benefit of the enterprise-class data center without any headaches and costs of maintaining it. This is relational DB is similar to SQL Server Database Development Services and hence, could be easy to work with.

6. Security can be a concern when opting for cloud services for apps. However, this would not be an issue with Azure that has been developed by Microsoft taking into consideration the security factor. With .NET access control services and SAML features, it is a secure platform for cloud app development.

7. No need to expand your on-premises resources as you have cloud components for use readily. The costs of IT administration, creating, testing and debugging web-based applications goes down as you will pay only for storage space and computer processing time with this platform.

Hence, with so many benefits, to sum up, Microsoft Azure makes up for the best platform for cloud apps development. Contact Brainvire for Windows Azure Development Services

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