Top 8 Tricks to Build a Perfect Educational Gaming Application

The craze of mobile apps is not only amongst adults, but also kids! To mould the kids in right direction, you can give let them access your mobile phone, but limited to educational apps. This will help you in two ways; you will not have to stop your kids from accessing your phone which every kids love to and another they will be educated in the right way. All of us know how important education is and all of us want to educate our kids in the best possible manner. So, why not make the most of the educational game app development?

Top 8 tricks to build a perfect educational gaming applicationWe know that the field of mobile apps development is booming today and will continue to grow with each passing day. So, the mobile apps can be developed for various domains. Of course, there is a category ‘Education’ in Google Play store as well as Apple App store. So, educational apps can be downloaded by Android as well as iPhone users. With time, the number of games as well as educational apps is increasing. According to Statista, in December 2015, ‘Education’ was the third most popular category after business and games.

The field of business, educational and game app development is gaining momentum big time. However, a successful educational app development has got some criteria. Here are some of the most important tips and tricks to build wonderful education apps for kids…

1. Tablets:
Getting more screen space is very important for eyes of kids. So, instead of using smart phones, it would be great if they play apps in tablets, as they are eye friendly and get larger screen space. So, if you are developing educational apps for kids, it is advisable to optimize it for tablets.

2. Fun:
Straight forward apps will be too boring for kids. So, make sure the app is very creative and interactive that grabs attention of kids and keep them engaged into it. The navigation should be easy and there should be least pop ups and ads.

3. Bright UI:
Kids like bright and colorful user interface. So, if your target audience is kids, make sure the UI is bright enough to enhance the productivity and increase learning experience of kids.

4. Diagrams:
Even adults like images more than text. So, it is obvious that kids will love diagrams and pictures more than text, as it makes easier for them to understand things.

5. Quizzes:
At the end, there should be a quiz which can judge the absorption quotient of kids. It will really interesting for kids.

6. Games:
If you say ‘educational gaming app’ instead of just ‘education app’ it will attract kids and no, you are not cheating them. Of course, there is a gaming element into it.

7. Feedback:
You should always welcome feedback and suggestions from kids and parents. This will help to keep improving.

8. Collaborative Learning:
Your app should support collaborative learning, as kids are fond of learning in groups with friends. This will help you get more kids learning from the app.

Wrapping up
Now that you are aware of some of the most important tips and tricks for educational mobile game development, it is advisable for you to keep them in mind so as to get the best educational app for kids. Not only educational apps, even the fun and logical game app development should be built in such a way that they are really simple and easy to play, yet engaging and addictive. So, if you are planning to get an educational app developed, make sure you hire the best mobile app development company and share the above mentioned tips with them.