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Brainvire Shapes Up a Next-Generation Risk Assessment Program for a Premier US-based Consultancy Service Provider

Based in Southern California, USA and with a legacy of over 30 years, the client has established itself as a leading technical consultancy service provider. Being a consultant demands impeccable skills to outweigh the risks involved in any given project. It was for this reason that Brainvire was approached to develop a modern risk assessment software that would be web-based and automated.

Earlier, the client was operating a traditional risk assessment software that was based on MS Excel and required manual inputs. So, after understanding the client's requirements thoroughly, Brainvire's team of developers got to work on the project and the end product was a web-based module - Risk Assessment Program (RAP). The major plus point of RAP is that it is scalable as a SaaS-based module.
Mr. Chintan Shah, the founder-CEO of Brainvire, expressed his thoughts on the occasion, "With the global scenario involving industrial regulations getting rigid, risk assessment programs are taking an upper seat. Such softwares don't leave any room for human error while assessing the risks involved in setting up any industry, and thus make the project fool-proof."

The Stage is Set for a Flawless Risk Assessment Process!

The RAP is a customisable piece of software i.e. it comes packaged with customisable risk templates. An icing on the cake is the Schedule Risk Analysis (SRA) approach, which is a simple yet effective technique to correlate the crucial information of individual project activities and the impact it can have on the potential outcome (like the final project duration and cost). Humans, due to their underlying predictive nature, are either over-optimistic about a project or add some safety buffer for any errors in the workflow. The SRA can effectively consider all such parameters and thus provide an accurate risk analysis.

The distinctive features of RAP are -

  • Secured Risk Templates Repository
  • Role Management
  • User-friendly UI
  • Customizable Risk Assessment Process
  • User Role-based Accessibility
  • Secured Project Repository

About Brainvire

With 18+ years of industrial presence, Brainvire is a growth-driven, result-oriented company providing cutting-edge solutions to their clients, marking their global presence across varied domains like Full Stack Development, MEAN Stack Development, Angular JS, React Native Development and much more!

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