American Tire Depot Leverages Odoo-Adobe for Automotive Omnichannel eCommerce

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  • Published on September 14, 2022

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American Tire Depot Leverages Odoo-Adobe for Automotive Omnichannel eCommerce

Brainvire manages three sites, two of which are B2C and one of which is B2B, all from a single Adobe commerce backend. It will sync with the Odoo ERP system. Brainvire is working on a commercial version for offering a large selection of wheels and tires for sale on the web. Adobe Commerce cloud was crucial in developing the e-commerce platforms for a well-known automaker.

One of ATV’s main priorities is upgrading its ERP system to accommodate the company’s evolving requirements. For example, customers need an ERP system tightly integrated with their Magento e-commerce platform to manage their internal back-end processes. In addition, workflow automation is a must, considering the high-stakes nature of the automobile sector.

In order to integrate with Odoo ERP, they need to revamp their present Magento site to include B2B and B2C features. In addition, members of Brainvire’s team will collaborate with the client to implement automation throughout their operations, increase their transparency, and standardize their business processes as part of this digital transformation initiative.

The only purpose of the internet is to simplify the online delivery of vehicle parts like tires and wheels. Customers may not only buy these items online, but they can also choose an installer and have them installed on their car. In addition, the website will integrate with numerous payment gateways to further facilitate online transactions, including PayPal and

Organizations may more easily merge with the digital world and dissolve barriers across channels when they provide customers with an omnichannel experience for cars.

Automobile Industry Odoo Implementation

Internet consumers would be able to refine their search results by make, model, and even body type. For example, customers may refine their search in the Shop by Vehicle area by entering the vehicle’s Make, Model, and Year, and in the Shop by Size part by entering the tire’s Width, Tire Ratio, or Tire Rim. In addition, customers may narrow their tire and wheel product searches by selecting a specific manufacturer on the website.

The website makes it easy to find tire and wheel packages by narrowing your search to a certain year, make, and model. We will use the Ridestyler API to get search results for tire and wheel combinations. In addition, our website will have integrated Zendesk live chat so clients can contact us directly via the platform. Finally, to find any product, we aim to utilize the keyword search.

Features such as proof of delivery, quote to bag, load builders, multiple facility setup, and various algorithms should be standard on every B2B website. In addition, the "Pay from My Account" part of a prior transaction includes choices for both mounted and unmounted sales and Trustpilot and star ratings.

You may connect Magento to a wide range of sales channels straight from the control panel.

Let’s look at how the Odoo'-Adobe integration has impacted the success of the company’s brand.

Sales Management

Because of the competent sales management, a fresh order may be placed. Document types and lists of documents with expiry dates may be stored in the document master. Everything will be taken care of automatically.

  • An explanation of the item shown in the inventory.
  • The Buy part is all about obtaining a thorough description of the seller.
  • Make a list of prices for the product that varies with variables, including the kind of product, the customer, the target market, and the desired quantity.
  • Every time a client puts in an order, they will pull up the most up-to-date version of the master pricing list, which may be updated throughout processing the order by hand.
  • Magento’s discounts, coupons, and special offers are recorded in Odoo.

“Year, Make, Model” Search Enhances Website Customization.

Even though they may have the same make and model number, cars can vary greatly in terms of body design and trim level. As a result, models of cars aren’t usually sufficient for determining the particular kind of vehicle you’re looking at. However, Odoo’s advanced search options let you zero in on just the kind of car you’re looking for.

 ATV Tire Website Customization

Filtering is all that’s necessary to get the Audi A3 2020, for instance.

Customers may purchase a product online with the bespoke option and then choose the installer’s precise location. Therefore, the goods would not be sent to the customer’s house but rather to the location of the installation.

Purchasing Activity Management

Buying management maximizes the purchasing process’s effectiveness by basing debt on stock levels/dimensions, sales orders, and projected production orders.

  • When it comes to your vendors and suppliers, the Vendor Manager is the way to go. The system will record the provider’s details, including their name, address, phone number, etc.
  • The ATV code for a given vendor’s product will be derived from the seller’s unique local item/product code, which will be transferred in collaboration with the vendor and their brands.
  • Use the Vendor to Brand Mapping function for hands-free order line completion.
  • The list of vendors and their prices should be continuously updated. Additionally, you may administer your pricing list by importing a file.

Purchasing Activity Management

Management of stock of goods is now automated. When multiples of a product are at different locations, the nearest location is used to determine which items should go into each package. Since there is just one product in location A and three in location B, we can move to the nearby site if location A has some storage space.

Recording and Monitoring Inventory

Products bought on a recurring basis from suppliers need to be separated from those bought occasionally. The product master is accountable for this. Whether or not they are one-of-a-kind buys, they should be allowed to share the same component number in the system.

  • General Product Description Information
  • Description and Cost of the Product
  • Details on How to Buy and Personalize It
  • Product Requirements
  • Cost of Goods Sold

The product master will provide user-defined attributes such as brand code, season, variation, and size range. Fields for other costs, such as Recommended Retail Price, Sale Price, Actual Cost, and Brand, will also be provided. In addition, the product master will include FET (Federal Excise Tax is the supplementary tax levied on certain items).

Logging into the system allows the creation of a warehouse. Set up to see the whole warehouse from any angle. Using the system’s in-built features, you can build up as many locations as you need. Each site might have its own file specifying its name, parent site, site type, and removal method.

Put-away guidelines may be defined and administered. Put-away guidelines may be tailored to the specific items or classes of items you’re storing and retrieving. It would also be required to decide on certain guidelines. When choosing a venue, prioritize those close by with a manageable amount of things.

Transportation Planning and Management

A set of rules, or none at all, may be constructed for each possible path. Depending on Warehouse Locations, Stocking Rules, Product Routes, and Configuration, Warehouse Management functions may be customized. For each rule, it is possible to track the action, origin, and target.

Transportation Planning and Management

ATV Fleet plans deliveries and assigns drivers or fleets to them. The user selects, bundles, and loads products into a vehicle, after which a unique package number is generated.

Drivers deliver consumer orders. Drivers may get an e-signature from a customer after they have received their product. The driver should be paid in cash and the information will be registered into the system. If a third-party service provider or supplier delivers things, an API will be used to get an e-sign.

Transaction Type

Users can access a set of transaction types to perform transactions or moves in the system. The time stamp may be seen on almost any movement or promotion. The user account that is modified must be present.

If there is a mismatch between the theoretical and counted items, the authorized user may perform an inventory adjustment. Because of the direct impact on inventories, inventory will be adjusted depending on location, product, lot or serial number, and other relevant characteristics.

Stock transfer instructions shift inventories from one location to another. Transfer orders may be issued from or to a particular location and can be implemented immediately or at a later time and date chosen by the user.

Stock Inventory Management

It’s crucial to keep track of which locations are occupied and which are unoccupied.

  • The maximum allowable space at that position will be shown.
  • Finding or tracing a certain location.
  • The storage containers at our disposal need to be organized.

Users may choose the kind of location classification that is available to them. For example, you may put them in one of the following categories:

  • Regions that move quickly and those that don’t.
  • Inaccessible areas.
  • Pull-and-put-away strategies.

A pull-down menu will be made available by the location master, from which the user may choose the appropriate label for the location.

Metric of Financial Performance

The main sections of the accounting dashboard include bank accounts, invoices from customers, bills from vendors, and payment processors.

On the dashboard’s data section, you can see information about the company’s total invoiced revenue and the number of invoices that have not been verified or paid.

Metric of Financial Performance

Accounting dashboards will feature details such as accounts receivable and payable balances, sales gross price, inventory, and cash position, as well as the overall balance in GL, the newest statement balance, the new statement link, the reconciliation item count, and the link.

Odoo- Adobe Commerce Integration

Brainvire built an Odoo-Magento integration for ATV Tires to standardize the buying experience for its customers across automobile retailers, brick-and-mortar stores, and the web. The company sought a company that could supply omnichannel retail solutions.

Brainvire created Magento for e-commerce and Odoo for enterprise resource planning since these two platforms offered the best fit for their needs. In addition, when Magento is integrated with Odoo, operations across the board become more streamlined and efficient.

Summing Up

The Odoo improvements made by Brainvire have proven to be a one-of-a-kind offering for commercial purposes. As a result, some of the top IT consulting firm’s customers have seamlessly switched to Odoo from older systems.

Automobile manufacturing is a fast-paced sector that relies heavily on its clientele. Numerous stations need various parts to construct and complete vehicles and their components. Product recalls, and quality control difficulties can risk OEMs’ reputations. Consequently, there is more pressure on the automotive supply chain to change to sustain profits, improve product quality, and meet increasingly tight delivery deadlines.

When it comes to providing cutting-edge, practical, and effective IT services, Brainvire is a leading contender. Equipped with a team of over 550 professionals, the organization is  dedicated to positively impacting the world via technology. After completing over 1500 projects for its worldwide customers, the company has maintained a 95% customer retention rate.

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