3 Thumb Rules For Extraordinary Brand Marketing Via Storytelling

Planning to promote a brand story? Then, the key rule is - don’t think like a marketer to promote a brand story. Because if you think like a marketer, you will end up communicating with users, not humans. Tell me something! What’s the point of including a call to action when you’re narrating a story? Do you know what the right path to tell a brand story is? Brand’s story promotion can be successful only if you tell a story that takes the user to that brand’s journey, affects a user with the vision behind the brand and hard work went in. An effective storytelling marketing strategy definitely ends up towards conversions. Refinery29 conducted an experiment regarding the impact of brand storytelling via Facebook ads. The facts were quite revealing!

  • 87% increase in view-throughs
  • 56% views converted to ecommerce page landing
  • 7% rise in in-store purchase
  • 10% rise in online shopping

In this article, we will learn social media marketing strategies to take the storytelling campaign of a brand to the desired audience.

Show A Vision And A Reason Behind The Brand Innovation In Brand Storytelling

Let’s start with an example. Bill Xiang, the founder of RealHer Makeup Company got the idea of opening natural beauty brand after he became the father of a girl. In an interview and on the wall of the RealHer website, Xiang revealed that he became feminist the day his daughter was born. Now onwards, his life would be towards helping women. This story went in social media and boom! As a matter of fact, RealHer gained the trust of women in shorter time period and many women started feeling for the cause. Furthermore, the products were natural and quality ones. As a result, the brand idea was immediately clicked customer’s mind.

The aim behind brand storytelling should be reaching to customer’s heart, not a pocket!

The brand which puts vision and reason behind the product invention in public gains authenticity. Honesty and transparency should be the base of storytelling whenever you address your audience. If I narrate a story to my friend, she would be eager to listen but if I present it like a promotion, it won’t get through the heart!

Sequence your story

Once a brand innovation story is published, the next step is to talk about what efforts went in or goes in to produce a quality product. Say for an example, organic tomato ketchup. The photos on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter regarding how organic tomatoes travel from farm to factory catch more eyeballs and proves the worthiness of a brand promise. Once you have promised something to your loyal customers, you have to stick to that promise. Social media marketing, especially through photos and videos, is proved to be a good source of mouth to mouth publicity. The organic catch up brand’s loyal customer will definitely share the relevant videos and images attracting other users to explore the product.

Narrate a brand story in its authenticity, don’t stuff promotional content in between!


Throw a story of people involved

Along with the promotion of the products, throw a campaign on stories of each person who helped make the idea come true. This should go along with a brand promotion because customers will be more interested in what the product is, not the people involved.  At the same time, after knowing the facts, the customer’s respect towards the brand will raise for sure. This will be an advantageous thing when a customer finds out same product from different providers. The impression of brand left on the customer’s mind will make a move in this kind of situations.

The short videos or images of people behind the scenes will help to humanize the entire storytelling marketing of a brand and let the customer feel connected with the brand more.

A business that gives credit to behind the scene people stays more trusted by customers.

Moreover, the employees who were honored on social media because of their contribution towards brand will be the best promoters. Their friends, family, and well-wishers won’t leave any chance at all to promote the post.

Final Thoughts

To establish a brand, a business has to stay in the good books of customers. The authenticity and quality of a brand make the customers stick to the brand. Quality depends on how you manufacture the product but the authenticity can be observed by how a brand comes to the market! The storytelling of a value-based business always makes a place in customer’s heart due to the transparency attached to it!

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