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5 Excellent Angular.JS Tools That’s Barely Known

When it comes to building dynamic web application with groundbreaking front-end development on-the-fly, at first Angular.JS hit the minds. The technology is loaded with best tools and wire the software components together to build full-fledge applications. Making the optimum use of the Angular.JS tools, businesses can get the bug-free website built in minimal time.

Now, let’s take a look at all those highly usable tools for web app development.

5 Excellent Angular.JS Tools That’s Barely Known

1) Testing tool- Protractor:

An exclusive testing tool that’s built on the top of WebDriverJS run tests in the real browser for Angular.JS apps just the way users do it manually and without needing any setup effort. Besides, in end-to-end testing, addition of waits and sleeps is not needed as Protractor automatically execute the next step in the test when web page complete the pending tasks.

2) Code editor tool- WebStorm:

The lightweight IDE provides a great support JavaScript, Node.JS and Angular.JS. It help developers to write better code with intelligent code assistance that check the errors easily. After its latest update, it performs safe refactoring, support for right to left languages and optimize imports action. Plus, using a powerful debugger, it traces and profile the code and then run unit tests in the IDE itself thereby making development more productive.

3) Grid tool- angular-deckgrid:

The responsive grid for Angular.JS is the best tool that does not depend upon visual representation. When the directive is integrated, the users are at liberty to arrange the photos in a deckgrid and can adjust them anytime. Even, by defining the certain media queries, the elements or images if resized, then they will get automatically resized proportionally as per the device size.

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4) Extension tool- ng-inspector:

The browser extension for Chrome, Safari and Firefox can view the scope hierarchy, dive deep into scope model details, highlight the DOM and update everything in real-time in Angular.JS application. These features enable the extension to better build, develop and understand the application, which seems like an inspector pane for the aforementioned browsers.

5) Front-end development tool- COLT:

Code orchestra, the front end development and CSS tweaking tool is the plus point for Angular.JS development as it speedily reflects the changes on UI in real-time when code modification is done in the application. The live coding tool comes in handy to develop and test the web app easily. Implementation of jQuery plugin in live events enabled the web page content get refreshed without reloading it.

Angular.JS development is becoming very popular these days. To keep pace with the modern trends, it’s good to hop on Angular.JS bandwagon to enjoy its phenomenal advantages. The availability of best tools even make the web development easier. Get ahead of the market by outsourcing your web app development to AngularJS development services.

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