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5 Great Reasons To Go For Windows 8 App Development

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Microsoft released Windows 8 at the end of 2012. This new and innovative OS was quite different from the previous releases as several new features such as Lock screen, Start screen, people hub and Windows Mail were introduced. Experts commented that Windows 8 was Microsoft’s attempt to address consumers who primarily use a tablet for business and/or leisure activity.

5 Great Reasons To Go For Windows 8 App Development

Microsoft unveiled the Windows Store a virtual marketplace similar to Apple’s renowned App Store where Microsoft and independent developers can sell their apps and games for a price or for free. The Windows Store continued to grow rapidly with new Windows 8 apps added on daily basis. As an Windows phone app development company we need to consider developing apps for Windows Phone 8 and contribute to the Windows Store by developing apps that are suitable for business or entertainment purpose.

Let’s discuss the reasons for developing Windows 8 apps with number of features which may help convince the user to download your app instantly.

Provide fresh tablet experience

5 Great Reasons To Go For Windows 8 App Development

The majority of tablets are used every day by millions of users worldwide. Microsoft’s Surface and Surface Pro looks to challenge this domination by Apple, Samsung, Nokia and other tablet manufacturers. Microsoft’s Surface tablets provide a fresh way to engage with content such as photos, videos and utility apps designed to provide the best tablet experience. Windows 8 apps directly target these tablet users.

Windows store is not yet saturated with lots of apps

5 Great Reasons To Go For Windows 8 App Development

If you wish to join an app ecosystem and wants your customers to quickly notice you then it is worth to build an Windows 8 app. By building an Windows 8 app you can get noticed by the users worldwide as Windows store is not yet saturated with lots of apps and also you can anticipate an keen support from Microsoft.

Easy integration with cloud-based backends

5 Great Reasons To Go For Windows 8 App Development

Microsoft provides backend service developers with Windows Azure Mobile Services that seamlessly integrates with Windows 8 apps. WAMS provides the infrastructure for delivering push notifications, updates to live tiles, user identity & security as well as data storage & retrieval. Reference code is available for Windows 8 phone app developers to quickly integrate WAMS cloud services in their apps.

Excellent documentation for developers

Documentation for Windows phone app developer is provided by Windows 8 developer center. The best documentation material as well as plenty of training and introductory videos, detailed product guide etc. can be referred by the developers to use the new features while developing an app for Windows 8.

Best tooling quality

5 Great Reasons To Go For Windows 8 App Development

Microsoft’s VS developer tools are of the best quality and are regularly enhanced with new features that aid in the faster app development process. Microsoft provides developers free express edition of Visual Studio with which you can get started with your Windows 8 app development faster. With VS 2013 release, Microsoft has added new features from their expression blend design tool which helps developers to work with digital assets prepared by the graphic designers.

To sum up, Windows 8 provide unique opportunity for app development to reach out to milliions of customer base across the globe through Windows store.
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