5 SEO Scams You Should Scrutinize Before Hiring An SEO Company

With the recent updates from Google, online businesses have seen a great shift and are now focusing more on backlinks and anti-spamming campaigns rather than choosing any unethical techniques to boost up their online presence. While many of the businesses have chosen to go for a professional search engine optimization services, there are many who are still trying to recover from Penguin 2.1.

Have you ever come across so called SEO experts who are claiming that they give complete success for you and your online business? Well, you might have come across many of such kind of so called professional and guaranteed SEO service providers. You may find hundreds of other people who may or may not guarantee your total online success, but they will surely take your money without doing much!

So, how would you get rid of such fraud people? How you will identify whether the search engine optimization company you’re going to hire will help you achieve the desired results or not. Well, make sure you do your homework and ensure you get clean chit from a few of the most popular SEO company scams.

We offer all the SEO services FREE of cost!

In today’s fiercely competitive market and dire economic days, if someone is saying or claiming that they’re offering search engine optimization services free of cost, it's totally unbelievable! You can surely leverage from low pricing or an odd services offered for free along with the other paid services, but you are not going to get anything totally FREE. If someone is claiming that he or she is offering services for free, then their intention would be to get access to your information. So, beware of such scams!

Guaranteed first page rankings

Well, this it totally unrealistic. No one can guarantee you to get first page rankings! The top rankings of the websites depends on the traffic that comes to the website, and nobody can surely predict the traffic that is going to come over the website. There is no denying that someone can work on improving your online presence, but the guarantee of the first rank is totally false commitment from the ecommerce SEO agency or company.

We’re going to submit your site to the hundreds of search engines

This is the third most popular scam that many search engine optimization service providers commit and if you’re going to believe it, you’re going to lose your money at the end. Moreover, do you personally know how many search engines do really exist? Well, take some time and think about it before you believe such myths.

We know when Google is going to change the algorithm!

What we can say about this? Google Algorithm updates are never revealed or even known to the Google team members, so how come someone can claim that he or she is knowing when Google is going to launch its next update.

Have you ever come across any of these false commitments or scams from the search engine optimization service providers? Share your views in the comments…!

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