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TheWeedTube, Cannabis’ Social Video Network to Launch an App on 20th April

In a world where people need everything in the palm of their hands, Brainvire is all set to develop mobile applications that can provide ease to users. Recently, the new social video network for all the cannabis content creators out there engaged with Brainvire to develop a mobile application that the users can easily access, surf, upload and share content.
15th April 2019, Los Angeles
TheWeedTube application can be considered a video streaming application, meant exclusively to spread awareness and push away the clouds of ambiguity about cannabis, its use, and consumption. The client wanted this application to be filled with all the features that could be possibly added to a video streaming application, Right from the user getting a chance to upload their own content to searching for available content from various channels, subscribing, liking and commenting, and many more functionalities.
The experts at Brainvire Infotech thoroughly understood the requirements and developed a comprehensive Android and iOS app for TheWeedTube. With this application, users will get access to a number of videos from a variety of categories ranging from lifestyle to education and trending topics. With options to subscribe to a channel, save videos to watch later or my stash, upload videos, like and comment on a video, and many more, TheWeedTube app is a boon for cannabis content creators and everyone interested.
TheWeedTube application is all set to launch on April 20th, 2019, and as quoted by Arend Richard in an interview, when asked about the chances of success of this application and user acceptance, stated “We’re in that place right now with legalization where the mainstream companies are halfway there,”
In reference to TheWeedTube App launch, Mr. Chintan Shah, CEO-Founder of Brainvire Infotech Inc. expressed, “TheWeedTube App launch will be a great thing for the cannabis community to celebrate, as they get a social video network in the form of an app where they can safely share content and spread awareness as well.”

  • Safe sharing of cannabis content
  • Like and comment to share your views on the videos
  • Subscribe to channels that you find informative, interesting or useful
  • Get video recommendations and notifications from the subscribed channels
  • Easily upload videos and share the information or videos of your choice
  • Add videos to My Stash to watch later

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