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About Client

Client owns the best laundry services company that offers quick, efficient and cost-effective laundry services to the customers. They offer complete fabric washing solutions right from pick up to delivery including laundry, starching, dry cleaning, steam press and stain removing to meet the customized and complete requirements of the customers.

Business Challenges

The client wanted to add a new dimension to their laundry business by offering convenience to their customers so that they do not have to wait long or have to travel long distances for laundry services. They were impressed by the online pickup and delivery processes prevailing around in the market and hence, wanted to adapt this innovative strategy for their business in order to ensure better growth for their laundry business.


Client approached Brainvire with their innovative requirement. The Brainvire experts who already hands-on experience into developing similar applications easily understood client’s requirements and suggested them to go for development of mobile application targeted for Android and iOS users. Brainvire developed a mobile application for client which allowed customers to enter the type and amount of clothes along with the services that they want for each of them and request for a pickup of the same right from their smartphones either Android or iOS.

The Android/iOS application offered order tracking feature where the customer can check the status of their clothes whenever they want. The application allowed the delivery boy to take electronic signature of the customer right on his Android/iOS tablet after the delivery of laundered clothes. The application ensures safe and secure payment options for the customer and deducts the applicable amount for their services right from the account of the customer once delivery is done.

Brainvire team implemented security and SSL along with Firewall configuration and maintenance to ensure complete safety and security of the application and its processes. Server performance optimization was done to improve the load time of the application so that the customers do not have to wait longer than the ideal time for the application to get loaded. Codeigniter PHP framework was used to develop an efficient mobile application fit for Android and iOS platforms. Efficient information storage and retrieval from the database and complete database efficiency was ensured by technical aspects like database optimization, database clustering, Master Slave Replication, Query Optimization, Scheduler for Backups and much more.


  • Efficient management of all the customers’ data and accounts
  • Ensuring secure payment methods or bill transactions
  • Order tracking to enable customers to check status of their clothes given for laundry
  • Customer profile and database management
  • Developing user-friendly and attractive user interface to make the Android/iOS app viable and easy to use for the customers
  • Pick up request and delivery status update management


Managing large customer database was a difficult task. It was challenging to ensure that the profiles of all the customers and their information is stored properly in the database and fetched rightly according to the staff requirements. Developing a user interface that was easy to understand and use for the customers of all the ages and making it easy also for the novice users was really a tough task.


  • User friendly and attractive mobile application was developed
  • Laundry service application was compatible with both Android and iOS platforms
  • Application ensured safe and secure payments for customers right from their smart phones
  • Application enabled easy and efficient order tracking and order status management