A Leading USA-based Tutoring Service Automated Order Processing with Shopify-Odoo Integration

July 3 2020, Dallas, USA

The client is a tutoring service based in Layton, US. They have an eLearning platform that offers tutorials to multiple agencies. The client wanted to reduce manual work and automate order management with Shopify-Odoo integration for different platforms.

One of the challenges the client was facing was that they wanted to integrate the Shopify website with Odoo. Brainivre’s experts fulfilled this requirement successfully. We integrated 4 different platforms with the Odoo integration and Shopify website to manage orders easily. Our experts created a Clover-based accounting system and integrated it with Odoo to sync payments.

Another challenge was the client wanted to import and export student data. Our team connected the existing student portal on Canvas with Odoo to import and export student data between the two channels easily.

We also created a new feature called Never Bounce which checks whether the email id entered is authentic. The system will automatically alert the user if the email is going to bounce before it is sent.

“Education is a business that never goes out of work. Establishing an online tutoring service is not only difficult but also essential during this pandemic. Our experts are proficient in working with the education industry and provide tailored solutions to fulfill client needs,” said Mr. Chintan Shah, CEO of Brainvire Infotech.

Brainvire also created a separate billing cycle for rehabilitated students. It emphasizes their scoring threshold which was different from other students. This was formulated by working with complex and varied structures. Overall, the Shopify-Odoo integration helped the client to reduce manual work while processing orders to a great extent and made the payments process seamless as well.

About Brainvire

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