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A Prominent Ecommerce Business Outsources App Design for its Loyalty Program to Brainvire

Brainvire - Build Hybrid model for healthcare

About Client

The client is an entity that works as a service provider for all the major offline and online retailers. The hub provides loyalty programs to its registered retail partners. This niche service provider has the potential to provide a fair loyalty program to its customers. The company began offering technology products along with in-depth analytical insights. The client built a customer- merchant ecosystem that allows merchant growth and customer satisfaction.

About Product

The user-friendly app manages bulk transactions with the help of a middle-layer API. This highly calculative middle layer functions seamlessly with real-time data integration and massive data interchange. The app will maintain the in-flow and out-flow of transactions of their online customers. It also maintains the much-needed sync with all the billing transactions. The loyalty program app also allows interchanging digital currency in exchange for various services. It also enables multiple program integration.

How we did it ?


Middle Layer Application

The client’s loyalty program application can be used with other partner services. The app manages the purchase records of the customers. The app keeps all the billing transactions in sync. This allows customers to win much-deserved reward points based on their purchases

Manage Web Traffic

The application can successfully manage heavy customer traffic by managing multiple transactions at the same time. The app functions smoothly during peak hours of the day, increasing customer satisfaction.

Loyalty program

The loyalty program allows customers to earn reward points. These reward points can be utilized for future purchases as well as partnered services. This serves customers with a dual purpose - win additional points and optimal use of the reward.

Enhanced Customer Experience

A good customer loyalty program allows customers to reap benefits from their purchases. This increases the frequency of their purchases. This user-friendly app allows customers to find optimal ecommerce solutions for their purchases, ultimately making the app a one-stop-solution for the customers.

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