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Ad Exchange is like an online marketplace that enables advertisers and publishers to purchase and sell digital advertising space through real-time auctioning methodology.

Ad exchange has been designed to address the issues of the conventional advertising mechanism where both the advertisers and publishers had to leverage a lot of efforts and time for finding out the right sources for their needs and for deciding for the networks to place their ads and inventory respectively. Moreover, there were lot of intermediaries between the ad buyers and sellers who took away a sizeable portion of revenue made from the ads. So, ad exchange was designed to address these issues. It evolved to offer the real value to the digital advertising mechanism by removing all the above complexities and inefficiencies in it.

Demand Side
Platform (DSP)




Real time








Supply Side
Platform (SSP)


Highest net bid


Maximum yield across multiple
participating networks



Demand side platforms are the entities that allow advertisers to purchase ad inventory in real time, manage their bids, performance metrics and audience targeting.

A real-time bidding process that allows advertisers to ensure that their ads are displayed to the right audience who are likely to respond to them.

Retargeting helps businesses to approach their users who do not get converted into customers right away. Whenever a potential customer leaves from your website, the code drops an anonymous browser cookie. Later, when this customer browses web, he/she gets to see your company ads.

Process of buying online ad inventory where publishers release the ad impressions to be purchased in an auction environment.

Advertisers can be assured of the quality of the ad inventory they are purchasing and hence, ensure the safety of their brands by displaying their ads only on the required, safe and right websites.

Advertisers get high level of transparency as they get to understand where their ads will appear, how much they have paid, and how well consumers responded to their ads.

Supply side platforms are entities that help publishers to release ad inventory into the real time bidding ecosystem to be purchased by ad buyers.

Multiple advertisers will compete with each other for every single impression thereby significantly driving up the bid for the ad space.

As multiple ad networks can participate in the ad trade process, maximum profits or yield can be expected for both advertisers as well as publishers.

Publishers can derive information of who is purchasing their ad inventory and what are they paying for it. Hence, this assures greater level of transparency for the ad selling process for publishers.

  • User visits

    your Website

  • User Leaves

    your Website

  • User is shown

    ads Displaying your

    product or service

  • User clicks on ads

    and is Directed to finish

    Desired Action

Ad exchange’s real-time bidding process allows media buyers to ensure that their ads are displayed to the right audience who are likely to respond to them. Advertisers can now make their ads display for specific category of target audience filtered through various parameters for maximum profits.

For example: Ads to be displayed only to the users having credit cards, want to buy laptops and are of age between 30 to 40.



Laptop added
to cart but
not purchased


Credit card

for laptop

Brainvire brings to you a powerful ad exchange platform that facilitates for real time buying and selling of display advertising space. It facilitates for collection of the ad inventory data from publishers, ad networks, ad servers, DMP sand other data providers, analyzing the data based on various set criteria by the advertisers and ensuring that only the right publisher is connected to the right advertiser and this way it is built to offer better value to the online advertising process. Unlike ad networks this ad exchange by Brainvire allows advertisers to bid only bulk impressions for generic audience, ad exchange will allow the advertisers to bid for each and every impression in real time and also for displaying ads only to targeted audience selected on specific criteria.Hence, both advertisers as well as the publishers can benefit equally with our ad exchange. Advertisers will have greater transparency into their advertising campaign and more control over the placement of their ads. While on the other hand, the publishers will be able to earn more out of their ad space or inventory as they will have access to more ad buyers and hence will be able to sell much of their inventory than before.”

  • Provides a single point of contact between ad buyers and sellers
    or advertisers and publishers.

  • Providing both buyers and sellers a great level of transparency in the ad trade process.

  • Allows for selling of each impression individually

  • One can bid for the ad inventory in real time through online with no manual agreement processes required for ad buying and selling.

  • Allows for report generation for ad campaigns based on various metrics like impressions, clicks, CTR, CVR, CPA and CPC.

  • Cuts down the administrative friction associated with selling and delivering ads.

  • Provides a time saving and effortless mechanism to ensure that right ads are being served at the right place to the right person and in the right time.

  • Advertiser Benefits
  • Publisher Benefits
  • 1. Real time data for better ad space buying decision.
  • 2. Better control over ads .
  • 1. Auction mechanism for revenue maximization.
  • 2. Access to wide range of advertisers.
  • 3. Floor pricing for significant revenue growth.