A Prominent Lighting Company Digitized Their Business With Adobe eCommerce

December 30, 2022 Dallas, USA

When competing in today’s hyper-dynamic digital marketplace, you must provide more than just a standard B2B purchase experience. And that is precisely what our client hopes to achieve for their clientele.

The client has a sizable offline firm they are eager to bring online to prepare for a massive digital transformation throughout their enterprise and many brands.

This company is the largest provider of lighting systems in the United States. Lighting products for homes, businesses, and specific applications are all made in-house. They take great pleasure in being a supplier of lighting solutions, and they do it by providing a wide variety of cutting-edge, high-quality lighting options to their consumers.

The company has made new product development using cutting-edge lighting technology and design aesthetics a top priority, and they want to keep this trend going. In addition, they promise first-rate service since they hire and cultivate an expert staff in the lighting field.

They also have other lighting trademarks linked with architecture-specific entities and other sales, such as some of the fancy lights that appeal to large corporations.

Because they lacked an internet option, the bulk of their company is wholesale rather than retail. However, they are beginning to establish themselves online to reach a broader demographic.

They were searching for a stable platform that would help them in their quest to move their retail B2B operations to the digital platform—the client plans on eventually expanding into B2C transactions as well.

Brainvire’s chief executive officer, Chintan Shah, has said, “The Adobe team introduced us to the client as part of their digital transformation partner for Adobe commerce B2B and B2C implementation. Our Adobe Commerce experts offer extensive assistance to the expanding business, helping with everything from architectural revamping and continuing optimization to day-to-day operations.”

To get a clearer picture of the project’s needs, the Brainvire team traveled to the client’s office during the discovery phase. In addition, our technical expertise tailored Adobe commerce B2B solutions for companies with intricate business models and order fulfillment processes.

We integrated Oracle ERP with Adobe. However, with this system alone, we had to handle order management, stock management, product management, etc., since their workforce was accustomed to the Oracle ERP.

The client wants to consolidate their business-to-business and consumer-facing websites into a single system. In addition, customers have a convoluted plan for handling things like credit limits, shipping, and corporate hierarchies. To provide the customer with the services they desire, we have modified Adobe in a way that is out of the ordinary and will significantly benefit their company.

The client has a set of consumer groups or segments that serve as a benchmark against which product pricing and discounts are determined. In addition, they provide a range of alternatives, with some customers receiving free delivery and others being charged a fee based on the distance traveled.

We have created a customized solution that caters to region-specific vendors depending on their orders. Customers also desire drop shipping capabilities for their B2B customers. However, there will be extra fees when our clients can transport products directly to the end-users of their suppliers.

Despite some hiccups in our process, we built a foundation for the brand’s digital growth.

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