Adobe Project Felix – It’s all about creating 2D Images with High-End 3D Models

Creating realistic 2D images with creative compositions and genuine 3D designs is no more an intimidating task. Saying a BIG ‘NO’ to the complicated conventional processes and tools like Autodesk 3ds Max, Blender, ArchiCAD etc, designers are now geared up for the advanced 3D rendering tools for creating realistic graphics designing this new year.

The modern designers are slowly adopting 3D rendering process for image compositions in order to avoid the challenges they face while creating 2D hyper realistic images.

Photorealistic 3D rendering is the new norm in the graphics and web design world today. Do you know what is it all about? Well, let me explain it to you.

Photorealistic 3D rendering in short is the brand new way of bringing the simplistic 2D images to life with 3D assets and when done with 3D rendering tools like Adobe’s Project Felix, this task becomes rather easier and interesting.

The most interesting fact about this new tool is that even a non-professional or a novice user without the knowledge of CAD tools can use this tool to create hyper-realistic images with 3D effects.

Benefits Businesses can Leverage with 3D Rendering Tool, Felix

We are building something that people can use without specific 3-D knowledge. You don’t need to know about polygons” says Stefano Corazza, a computer scientist at Adobe.

It’s the machine learning algorithms that makes Felix such a powerful tool for creating convincing images with negligible efforts and no knowledge of 3D designs.

For businesses, this tool can be a cost saver as now the corporates can develop hyper-realistic 2D images for their needs without having to invest in extra manpower and technical skills.

The ease of use of Felix is a time saving factor for the corporates who are not required to train their resources for leveraging the explicit benefits of Felix for their requirements.

One of the best things about Adobe Felix is that it allows integration of the images with smart tags and hence, make image recognition much easier and a faster process. One can easily sort and search for images with smart tags. The corporates especially the news and media firms which have a large database of images will find good help with this technology as now they can create better 2D images for their needs and can even store them efficiently for their needs.

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Applications of Adobe Felix

Small businesses can get the best benefits from this 3D rendering tool. They can now easily create appealing 2D lifelike images for their marketing needs and that too within their budget.

For gaming industries, Felix makes creation of avatars and 3D visuals or scenes rather easier. This is because it allows working with high-fidelity 3D models to adjust perspective, lighting and materials around the image to get the desired look. State-of-the-art photo-realistic rendering with ability to iterate quickly enables creation of stunning imagery with Felix.

Future with Adobe Felix

Felix relies on machine learning algorithms for creating convincing two dimensional images using 3D models. Adobe is making its move towards the use of artificial intelligence to automate various tasks of deigning and image creation. In the next few years, Felix is expected to leverage 3D models which are capable enough to utilize the data in the databases for automated processing. Machine learning algorithms would be more intrinsic to user changes and would be able to give suggestions to the users based on their preferences. Hence, responsive solutions are expected to come over in the upcoming times with Felix, 3D models, AI and machine learning coming all together.

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