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Brainvire Replaces Salesforce With AuroCRM for a BFSI Leader in the USA

September 26, 2019 Texas, USA

Brainvire's CRM expertise scaled a new high recently when it replaced Salesforce with its flagship AI-driven solution, AuroCRM. Being a leading investment company in Texas, the client has experienced accelerated growth and automated sales workflow with this solution.

Offered as a cloud-based, start-to-finish solution for sales processes, the system will improve the efficiency of sales reps while empowering them with the right set of tools. A recent survey by CITE Research found that 80 percent of companies in the US and the UK spend at least $1,000 on sales technology annually per sales representative. Furthermore, nearly one-half (49 percent) of the respondents said they spent at least $2,000 per sales employee. Using Brainvire's solution, the client can save hugely on such costs..

Mr. Chintan Shah, the CEO of Brainvire Infotech, said, "Our client has a dedicated sales workforce of around 25 people and this number will increase in the near future. AuroCRM is fully equipped to support a digital transformation of any magnitude." He further adds, "This solution will prove to be the most ideal option for businesses who want to unlock new investment opportunities and establish better connections with customers. It will ultimately transform their vision statement into an operative reality."

Reduction of administration tasks, elimination of unwanted errors using automation, and the management of the best quality reports are some of the use-cases of this solution. It comes with the following set of features:

  • Proficient Salesforce Automation
  • Bi-direction syncing of data from Docu-Sign to CRM and vice versa
  • Bi-direction syncing of data from Outlook Integration to CRM and vice versa
  • Management of investment opportunities
  • Efficiently keeping track of all the sales activities
  • Activity audit log
  • Ticket Management

The client manages businesses worth $2 billion and the underlying sales processes are quite complex. Adopting a hybrid approach, Brainvire's consultants went onsite to brainstorm with their sales reps to understand their pain points. They also suggested prevalent CRM best practices and incorporated them into the end product, which was developed offshore.

With everything in place, Brainvire is all set to add yet another milestone to its list of CRM and fintech innovations.

About Brainvire

Established in the year 2000, Brainvire has quickly clambered its success ladder to become a full-sized tech company, with a reputed client base scattered throughout the globe. With its core expertise engaged in prominent industry 4.0 technologies, the projects delivered by Brainvire have managed to make headlines in several western nations. Engulfed in a constant zeal for embracing fresh, electrifying and perplexing projects, Brainvire has made a sturdy name for itself in this tech domain.

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