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AI-Powered Multi-Vendor Magento Solution Boosts the MENA Region’s Automotive Economy

Brainvire - Multi Vendor Magento Solution

About Client

The client is a well-known serial entrepreneur based in UAE. His innovative thought process has proved to be a blessing for the economy of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. He noticed the vast potential of digital transformation in the automotive industry and partnered with Brainvire to turn his vision into reality.

About Product

Instant access to the best automotive products and services is the core idea of the B2C multi-vendor platform. Sellers need to register on the portal and pay a subscription fee, which is the revenue for the client. Customers can get automatic recommendations of products and services based on their browsing history. They can also follow the sellers and message them directly to learn more about their products. The sales happen offline. Secure encryption technology will ensure that customers’ personal details are kept confidential in their initial interactions. Brainvire has also developed an exclusive mobile app for Android and iOS users so that everyone can access the digital repository on the go.

How we did it ?


Increase in Sales

Sellers were able to reach out to more customers and improve their sales margins.

Scalable Digital Platform

The solution can be scaled up in the future to accommodate massive volumes of data and additional frameworks.

Automatic and Relevant Recommendations

The in-built AI capabilities can recommend relevant products and services to users.

A Profitable Business Model for Everyone

The B2C marketplace can be used by sellers to attract customers and drive sales in their business.

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