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An Analytics Tool for Financial Mergers and Acquisitions Similar to Crunchbase


About Client

A USA based client approached Brainvire to develop a financial database search and query tool that generates real-time financial reports based on the requested parameters. The client was working as an investment banker in a reputed financial company and dealt with heavy unstructured data about merger and acquisitions happening around the globe.

About Product

Armed with a huge range of financial and investment data, Dealytics is a leading platform to discover industry trends, investments, financial and legal entities and companies behind millions of mergers and acquisitions globally. It is one of the best research outfits that creates an interesting snapshot of deals & mergers happening at a specific period. With Dealytics, you can filter database through multiple filter options like announcement date, completion date, various deal filters, geography filters, financial advisor filters, and company filters. Moreover, it also facilitates you to create distinct tabular reports like deal reports, league reports, and matrix report. Apart from this, Dealytics is also considered as one of the best platforms to create custom reports based on companies, industries, advisors, people and lot more. Now, explore the deals data globally with Dealytics.

How we did it ?


Faster Data Processing

Implementation of caching mechanism resulted in faster data processing which ultimately results in enhanced website performance.

Customized Report Generation

Leveraging options like “Custom Filters” and “Advanced Query Builder” helped generate scalable and customized financial reports.

Discover Deals, Brands & Investors

The in-depth and advanced financial database search and query tool helped discover the unrevealed brands, deals, investors, and legal entities behind multiple mergers and acquisitions.

Amplified Revenue Generation

With an identification of prospective customers and simplified business processes, business opportunities are increased and thereby improved ROI.

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