An Introduction to jQuery Mobile – An Amazing Multiplatform UI Framework

The jQuery is a popular JavaScript library that has been used by the developers for creation of websites and web applications since a long time. But, there is a loophole with this. It allows only for the development of applications for desktop. It does not support the development of cross-platform web applications as the way jQuery Mobile can do.

Many of them think that jQuery Mobile is the mobile version of jQuery. But, this is a wrong notion as this is just a framework built on simple jQuery platform. The jQuery mobile development allows for the creation of mobile web applications that can work across various mobile devices to fit variant screen sizes and resolutions. This is an amazing multiplatform UI framework with which one can develop interesting cross-device web apps with awesome look and feel.

Scenarios where jQuery Mobile is good to Use:

- When willing to develop applications to target various screen sizes, orientations and pixel densities.

- When required to target compatibility of the application with HTML5 and CSS3.

- In order to develop flexible applications that remain compatible and easy to update as the new platforms emerge in the market every now and then.

- In order to eliminate all the efforts and costs required to put in the development of individual web applications targeted to each platform or device.

Some Interesting Things about jQuery Mobile:

- The jQuery mobile development is about developing great-looking user interfaces of mobile web applications that can deliver impeccable app
experiences for users across various mobile devices with mainly touch-friendly interfaces.

- With the markup-driven interface configuration, it allows for creation of entire app interface in HTML without requiring using JavaScript.

- It supports number of attractive themes that allow the developers to customize the look of their apps in the best possible way easily.

- It allows for quick and easy detection of mobile and touch actions like tap, swipe, orientation change, tap and hold etc. This allows for development of
better responsive apps that easily and rapidly respond to the touch specific actions.

- The progressive enhancements allowed by this cross-platform UI framework enables the app interface to work practically best on any web enabled
device. In case if the framework is unable to load, still the app will load without any enhancements.

- It allows for loading of dynamic content with Ajax calls and hence, is great platform for dynamic web application development.

- This is a lightweight framework that allows for development of lightweight web applications that are easy to load and will quickly open up on the
device for better user experience.

Hence, from all the above facts, it is clear that jQuery Mobile is really a good platform to develop high quality, responsive web sites and applications that can work seamlessly across popular smartphone, tablet and desktop platforms.

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