Android M to release in Q3, 2015 with these super six new features

The Android M preview arrived at Google I/O 2015 in San Francisco with all the planning with the intention to help developers to update their applications and help Google to identify the bugs. Android M, the next version of the operating system after Lollipop is going to be released in the third quarter of 2015.

Android M may not have eye-catching features. However, it has got stability and usability improvements which are significant for Android users. So, let us check out some of the striking features of Android M…

1). User has complete control over app permissions:

The app permission issue has been overhauled in Android M. Users can now accept or deny the permission. Moreover, permissions will not be requested during the time of installation; it will be requested when you will try to use the feature for the first time. It is not necessary to agree to all the permissions. Also, you can change the permission granted from the settings on the later date. In addition to that, you can view the type of permissions and also the list of apps that have permission granted.

2). Chrome custom tabs enhance web experience:

Chrome Custom Tabs is a new feature that opens a customized tab on the top of the active app so that it becomes easier to switch between the apps and website. This is better way of giving a faster and better user experience than launching Chrome’s app separately.

3). Fingerprint support for Android M phone users:

This new fingerprint support functionality is for all the users who use Android M in their phones. This functionality will not be used only to unlock phones, but also for making the payment when shopping in real-life as well as at the Google Play Store. Of course, at first, you will need the hardware finger print scanner.

4).  Android Pay makes the mobile payments easier:

This system has been designed to make the checkout process easier and faster than ever. Through this system, Google is trying to provide simplicity, security and choice by letting you pay through your existing credit cards in thousands of stores in the USA.

5). App links will open automatically without asking you where it should get opened:

You might have experienced this: When you try to open a link, a dialog box appears that will ask you where to open the link; for example: whether to open that link in You Tube or Chrome. Android M knows which content can be opened easily and where there is no need to ask users where to open it. So, it saves the time of users by stopping the ‘open with’ dialog boxes.
6). Intelligent Power and faster charging:
Using a new function Doze, Android M will recognize when the phone is idle for long time and provide twice the longer stand by time than Lollipop. However, they will ring alarms and alert notifications to you. Also, it supports USB Type C for faster charging and it lets other devices to get charged through your phone.

All you need to know About Android M [Infographic]

Of course, we are excited to use these amazing new features in Android M. However, there is no full stop to features here. There is a lot more to Android M and we are waiting for the same…

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