Brainvire Shows Its Contribution To Magento By Getting Another Extension Approved In Magento Commerce

“Yet another out-of-the-box creation from Magento extension development team of Brainvire. The company shows its dedication and contribution towards the Magento community by getting yet another Magento extension approved on MagentoCommerce…!”

Brainvire, a leading Magento web & extension development company, has added another feather to its corporate profile and feeling overwhelmed by announcing that its another "Magento extension Banner Slider” got instant approval over the Magento eCommerce today. The company feels warm and proud to by announcing its steady growth and line-by-line extensions approved by Magento eCommerce development. All can easily guess from its name that Banner Slider extension from Brainvire is an effective way to manage banners in a Magento eCommerce website.

Magento extensions have become a VITAL element for the eCommerce websites in order to survive in this highly competitive internet marketing world. Magento extensions enable online store owners to enhance the performance of their online store while adding out-of-the-box and user-friendly features to the online store on the go.

It is always a dream for the online store owners to make their site appealing to the potential customers, and banners serve an important role in it. In fact, many online store owners use banners to showcase different advertisements and special offers. Brainvire understand the importance of Banners and thus, brings banner slide extension that will empower online store owners to display banners as a slider of images at the top of the page.

Magento has plenty of extensions helping site owners to easily integrate feature and functionality of their choice. However, yet no one has made any attempt to help site owners gear up their promotional campaigns through smoother banner management in the form of slider. Brainvire has taken the initiative to help site owners as well as Magento community to bring something innovative and fruitful in the form Banner slider extension.

Brainvire, being an innovator Magento eCommerce website development company, has a right blend of skilled Magento designers and developers having proven kills in creating hundreds of Magento extensions to cater diverse needs & deeds of online store owners. Moreover, the company has created many milestones by creating innovative and functional Magento extensions to fulfill the client requirements while helping them achieve better performance and conversion rates for their online stores.

The Banner Slider extension is one kind of banner management tool that will help online store owners to display banners as a slider of images at the top of their website. By doing so, site owners can easily display or highlight special offers, deals of the day and tons of other interesting information over the banners to help them run their eCommerce SEO Services & marketing and promotion campaigns

The features that this app will support can be described as follows:

  • With Banner Manager images can be added or removed from the admin panel with information like title, URL and description
  • Allows creating banners with slider for CMS and category pages
  • Allows adding of unlimited banners and images
  • Banners can also be put in specific positions of pages (CMS & category)
  • Multi browser support - IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera
  • Multi-Store support - banners can be filtered by stores
  • The images can be sorted and displayed in order or randomly
  • Support Magento 1.3.x, 1.4.x, 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x and Magento Enterprise Edition (*)
  • More secure and truthful testimonials
  • Ease of installation & 24x7 technical support
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