Asp.Net Web Development Craze Is Here To Stay – Here’s The Proof!

In 2002, .Net was launched by Microsoft. And so eventually web development came in the market.,,, all these big IT industry websites are built on

In server side programming,

First, widely used language is PHP. It contributes more than 75 % in this area.
Second, most used language is with a very good contribution more than 20%.
Third comes Java, it is used in around 4% of total server side programming applications.

In the area of Non-CMS,

PHP rules with 54.3%. is making a mark with significant 20.3%.
Java is used at around 4%.

Java or.Net?

Java is basically a programming language whereas.Net is a technology for producing web content for an application.

- For high-end applications, Java Net both can be used.
- In terms of programming, Java is all about coding Net is more about drag and drop features.
- Java is platform independent Net is towards Microsoft. Java programs can run on any machine regardless of any OS without rewriting code. So in thecase of java, there is one code for multiple OS. lets you code in any language and it has compilers for different languages.
- .Net supports Multilanguage. Java is one specific language whereas .net can let you write using COBOL,,, pearl, python etc.
- .Net has performance in terms of thedatabase because of ADO objects whereas java JDBC has to go for database access several times.
- Java is like sticking to one language. provides flexibility to choose best of languages and so that user gets very interactive interface dynamic web pages.
- Java lets you connect with your third party tools. E-commerce solutions like anonline auction, online shopping, online jobs, dating websites etc. uses java technology most.
- .Net is richercompared to Java. It provides built-in objects like properties and delegates.
- Java doesn’t give good GUI and here .net takes advantages.
- On Linuxplatform,.Net has taken theform of Mono. In Mono, so much of web development  happens. Some good applications like abeagle, tomboy, and iFolder are developed in Mono.
- Many applications which could not be developed in Java, are developed Net. For example some compilers, 3D video game engines etc.
- OnNet platform, one can code in Java but on Java platform, one cannot code in any of.Net languages.

Market share

Whether it is Java or.Net, software developers are in demand. In the US, theunemployment rate in software development is 2.6% only whereas national unemployment rate is 5.3%. So software developers can feel secure.

Java market share

Recently, Java has become 20 years old. Yes, it has made its mark in IT web development industry.There are some facts about Java,

-  97% of Enterprise Desktops has java running.
- 89% of Desktops (or Computers) in the U.S. Run Java
- 9 Million Java Developers all around the world
- 3 Billion Mobile Phones has java running inside

This means that older java applications will run for more time and people are still opting for java. Java doesn’t seem to drown.

Java is readable and simple, so it’s very popular amongst developers. Java is named as most used and searched top 10 IT skills.

Java programmers get 77% higher salaries than other languages.

According to online job portals, at a time average 16,000 jobs of Java are available.Because of so many open source and technical projects, this demand doesn’t seem to be decreased in future.,,and are still by Java side.

.Net market share

In past few years, C# has taken aremarkable position in IT world. With the help of Microsoft.Net, it is going higher.

Till now,it lets you work with 20 different languages in one platform. Since 2013, Microsoft opened many.Net parts under Apache license. Microsoft has made the standard levels for library and theexecutable environment. Many of the open sources are made free now. So buying alicense can be evitable. And thus Asp.Net web development market also grows on.

Microsoft is offering third party libraries like integration with MS exchange, MS office, and share point. It also enforcing DotNetZip for zipping contents. So that developers can work seamlessly.

.Net open source and the community is moving higher. More and more programmers are joining!

Google has also joined.Net foundation to penetrate in the area of.Net open source.

In future,

It seems that for next few years, Java developers and.Net developers both would stay in good demand. And one doesn’t have to worry about the choices between these two in near future.

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