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About Client

The client is India’s leading business conglomerate with establishments across various industry verticals like pulp and paper, power transmission and distribution, food processing, farm forestry, chemicals, energy, infrastructure and information technology.

Business Challenges

The client was following the conventional process of maintaining all the financial data of their organization in an array of excel books. All the month–wise data was collected from all the individual units and branches. It was saved in the form of excel reports and books for analysis at the end of the financial year and to set up the target sales and commitments. Hence, the client required a web-based application to capture this data. They wanted a system that can centrally manage all the data (sales, production, costs, financial and actual data), validate and analyze it and give output in form of graphical reports or pre-defined excel formats.


The Client approached Brainvire with their requirement for a centralized web application for easy data access and management. Brainvire team planned to build a web application based on ASP.NET MVC, SAP and JavaScript technologies. They built an application which was capable of fetching the data through web interface, excel uploads or picked it up from SAP and MIS systems. The application maintained all the annual, quarterly and monthly data (sales, production, costs, financial and actual data) of the organization from all the individual units through centralized management process, analyzed this data and then generated reports to meet specific requirements of the different users.


  • Developed a web application for hassle-free and centralized management of a large amount of data from all the units of the organization.
  • SAP connectivity for easy fetching of data from web interface or excel sheets
  • Configured the data fields to accept the data from SAP-created temporary database and MIS system's database
  • Various financial reports in graphical and XML formats with proper calculations were generated.
  • Developed and implemented framework to smoothly handle the extensive features offered by the system.
  • The database of user profiles and user-related statistics is implemented and managed.
  • Stringent security measures were implemented to safely handle the huge amount of data transfer.
  • Capturing data from all the financial reports across individual units of the organization and presenting it as one report common for all the units in a single consolidated report.


  • Implemented SAP connectivity for collecting all the organizational data from individual units via a web interface or excel sheets.
  • A proper, well-designed system was successfully set up with all modules integrated into it along with control over user access.
  • Successfully transported excel uploaded data & manually entered data from machine to the database. The data was made accessible to the users on web interface through graphical reports.