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Automated Dockless Bike Powered By IoT & Bluetooth Integrated App Can Be The Future Of Urbanism


About Client

The client is based in the USA and came up with the unique idea of creating an Uber like sensation using electric scooter without any manual intervention. The internet connected vehicle could be the next big thing in the local transport. These dockless scooters are undoubtedly an asset in moving more people towards sustainable electric transportation. The client seeks a highly advanced and quite scalable mobile application armed with IoT and Bluetooth low energy integration.

About Product

This application can be a big leap on local transport, any user searching for a scooter, gets the status of nearby Scooter point on his app. To start a ride, user needs to scan the QR code placed on the scooter and then it gets authenticated with online server. The mobile application will communicate to scooter hardware using BLE to unlock it, by adopting this process we have developed a very secure ride experience. Track your ride using GPS device integrated in scooter, adaptive ride cost calculation and complete history of rides make the riding experience smooth.

The Scooter uses automated lock-up, once the ride ends. The solution also provide monetization to user by feature called 'charger' which enables the user to earn by registering as a charger, the duty of charger will be

  • Capture.i.e taking a scooter
  • Charge, charging the scooter
  • Release, which is releasing the scooter

This will give an unfair advantage to the application and will boost the popularity in less time. Brainvire integrated third-party payment system and social media handles. The app is also packed with important features as ride history, profile settings, how to ride guidelines, rulebook and more.

How we did it ?


Complete Automated System

No need of any manual intervention

Adoptive cost calculation

Adoptive cost calculation helps owner and user to gain advantage

50K+ downloads, 200K+ rides & USD 2M+ collection

The App received a huge popularity over a short time span

Zero Scooter Malfunctioning

The scooter’s safety is 100% ensured because of digital locking feature

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