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About Project

Established in 1904, the platform is a pioneering Muslim charity in Singapore. Over the decades, their unwavering commitment has alleviated the struggles of diverse individuals through financial assistance, educational grants, parental guidance, medical support, and complimentary burial services.

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Business Goal 

Our business goal was to develop a Donation Management System (DMS) to integrate into the IRAS Donation API. Our experts with their team aimed to facilitate payments through OMISE Paynow and effectively manage donations based on their types.

Project Highlights

Key Challenges and Solutions

Omise Integration

The organization wanted to integrate the OMISE Paynow payment gateway for smooth transactions.

OMISE Payment Integration for Secure Transactions

We facilitated seamless integration of the OMISE payment platform with the donation page, ensuring secure and convenient transactions via OMISE Paynow. With donor security as a priority, robust measures were implemented, partnering with trusted processors like OMISE Paynow for data protection and secure transactions.

Donation Integration

Needed to develop a Donation Management System (DMS) integrated with the IRAS Donation API.

Bi-directional Sync with IRAS Donation API

We developed a bi-directional sync with the IRAS Donation API, automating verification. This ensures that payments are now swiftly verified, eliminating manual steps, streamlining operations, and boosting efficiency for the platform.

Donation Bifurcation

Required to implement automated bifurcation of donations basis the nature of the donation.

Automated Donation Categorization for Enhanced Accessibility

We devised a solution for automated donation categorization, enhancing accessibility. Donors could specify preferences such as anonymity. Our user-friendly interface promoted engagement across diverse donor demographics, broadening outreach and facilitating seamless contributions.

Compliance Management

Multiple entry points must be checked and uploaded to IRAS for government compliance.

Seamless IRAS API Integration for Accuracy

We devised a solution where donation details were seamlessly uploaded to the government via IRAS API integration at fixed intervals. Prior to uploading, we meticulously verified details to prevent duplication, ensuring smooth and accurate data transmission.

Our Approach

Employing cutting-edge techniques, we delivered bespoke charity platform customization and configuration services, elevating user satisfaction through tailored solutions.



Agile methodology facilitated iterative development and adaptation to changing requirements.


Bi-directional sync with API and automated bifurcation of donations streamlined donation management.


Automated categorization of donations based on criteria, improving efficiency and accuracy in donation management.


Offered donors a secure and convenient payment option through OMISE Paynow, improving the overall donation experience.

Technology Stack

Front-end Techs

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salesforce LWC

Back-end Techs

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salesforce LWC

Project Management Tool

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salesforce LWC

Payment Gateway

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Key Results

  • Payment Integration

    The payment is now allowed to be made through OMISE payment.
  • IRAS API Integration

    The donation system now directly integrates with IRAS API, eliminating manual verification for admins.
  • Categorized Donations

    Automated donation categorization enhances tracking and reporting accuracy.
  • Automated Compliance

    Streamlined donation process, ensuring transparency and meeting government compliance automatically.

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