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Testing is an important phase of every software development process which ensures quality and error-free software is built to meet user’s desired functionalities. In the modern day, where there are such longer and complex codes, manual testing processes seem to be quite laborious, inefficient and costly tasks to perform. Hence, automated testing processes are adopted. Automation testing is a comparatively faster and much effective code testing process where repetitive test codes are automated. It reduces the time to market, cuts down the costs and efforts, increases the coverage and assures delivery of high quality software products.

Why Should You Opt for Automation Testing?

Every organization that develops applications for web, mobile or desktop platforms and requires frequent testing should opt for automation testing to get the following benefits.

Code UI Functional Automation Testing with Visual Studio

Coded UI Test or CUIT is a new automation testing tool that was introduced in the market with Visual Studio 2010. At Brainvire, we are experts at leveraging the new version of this automation testing tool which is a part of Visual Studio 2013. We have specialized skills, in-depth knowledge and talented execution, control and infrastructure management which gives us success in coded UI test automation with this Visual Studio.

Code UI Test automation is the process of functional testing of UI controls which is very useful for verifying those user interfaces which have validation or user logic to perform. At Brainvire, we have been performing the process of Coded UI testing with an industry acclaimed procedure in order to verify an entire application along with its UI to check whether it is functioning properly or not.

Brainvire follows a detailed coding process with Coded UI Tests to perform automation testing of business applications.

Our aim is to help our clients achieve their goals of developing the best quality and trustworthy products that are completely free of bugs. Brainvire’s testing team consists of experienced professionals who have expanded their knowledge base with their extensive testing practices over time. These professionals can efficiently leverage each and every feature of Coded UI Test Automation Tool of Visual Studio to provide our clients with reliable testing services to meet their business objectives. We offer end-to-end test automation solutions right from assessment, consulting to execution and innovation.

Brainvire Advantage of Automation Testing with Visual Studio

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