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About Project


The client requirement was to make a B2B and B2C eCommerce store that provides great deals to customers for all the products. It is the best ecommerce platform for daily deals where sellers can put upon their products to sell to a huge audience, attracting them with the unbelievable deals.

The specific client requirements for this custom online shopping store for daily deals are:

  • The products in this B2B marketplace will be divided into the respective category and each product will be sold in the discounted rate. Admin user will have final authority to approve product and set it as deal. Unless it is approved, product won’t be displayed on customer panel.
  • The detailed product page will contain the product description with image and price. It shows how many percentage of discount saving does it provide along with the time left to steal the deal. It will show the availability of products and also give option to customers to select the quantity, color and other attributes. The time left for any product or even can be set only by admin.
  • In this eCommerce marketplace, admin will get a fixed percent commission on each product as per the settings made in backed. He can also change the amount of commission while he is approving product to seller. Well, the commission should be on the basis of product and not category.
  • Only admin can create event and set dates for the same. Once the deal gets expired, it should not be displayed.
  • Shipping charge will not be same for all the products; it will be different for various products.
  • The chat feature on the site connects the customers directly to the admin to provide helpdesk support.
  • End user can send request to the admin if they want to sell their products on this store. The admin will approve the request and send link to the registered email address, so that vendors can add their products and deals. This will be free for vendors; no registration charge.
  • Vendor can send request to admin if they want to close their account. Also, admin can terminate a vendor, if they fail to follow rules.
  • In this Magento marketplace, customers can view their order status as either shipped, unshipped or cancel.
  • Admin can set events and it has greater significance over deals. If the product has to be put in events, it can be viewed in events, and not in its individual product page; irrespective of the expiry date of the deal.

Project Challenges

The team faced a few challenges when developing this Magento based daily deals store. Some of the most challenging difficulties were:

  • Managing the deals on the basis of dates
  • Hiding the deals which expire
  • Prioritizing events over deals

Technologies Used

Operating System & Server Management Red Hat Linux OS, Multi-Server Architecture with Staging & Production Environment through Version Controlling releases, Server Optimization, Security & SSL Implementation, Scheduler for Back-ups, Alert Monitoring System Integration, Server Performance Tuning at regular intervals, Software Firewall Configuration & Maintenance
Development Tools & Environments PHP5+, Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.2, Zend Framework, Apache/NGINX Web Server, AJAX, Java Script, HTML5, CSS3 etc
Database MYSQL Database Server, DB Clustering, DB Optimization, Master Slave Replication, Query Optimization, Scheduler for Backups


Project Leader 1
Developers 2
Designers 2
Quality Assurance Tester 2


All the planning of this online daily deals eCommerce store project was done by the entire team together; the developers, designers, the project managers and testers, keeping into the mind the exact client requirements and challenges together…

The prime focus was on increasing the curiosity of customers and attracting them to the daily deals eCommerce platform to check out the deals at least once a day, every day! All the products are sold at the lowest rates along with the specific expiry date, so that people buy it at the earliest. The event menu was made to make it even more attractive by giving special offers for particular festivals or days. They planned to made over-all simple design to make it easy for customers to place orders securely and get the on time delivery.



This eCommerce online platform follows the Magento architecture. This is the MVC architecture along with the few additions to it. Out of the three parts, two are into model and also, there are helpers and controllers and helpers. The functionalities will be developed in the modules, as Magento is a modular architecture.

Development Highlights

  • This B2B eCommerce platform was delivered in just 8 weeks.
  • This daily deal portal attracts customers on the daily basis.
  • This online store platform brings products to customers with unbelievable deals and sell them at lowest rates.
  • Customers are eager to check out the new deals on this deal website everyday.
  • This Magento marketplace gradually led to increase in sales and revenue.
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