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A B2B & B2C Marketing Solution for Automotive Industry!


About Client

Witnessing immense growth potentials of tire industry in the automotive segment, it’s getting difficult for a business to maintain multiple operations and inventory in an offline manner. In order to surpass such complexity, a UAE based leading automotive firm approached Brainvire to develop various multi-lingual B2B and B2C portals that facilitate them to manage entire business operations as per different marketplaces. The client is one of the dominating brand and a leading exporter of tires, lubricants, and batteries that operates internationally to cater the needs of millions of people in the automotive industry.

About Product

When it comes to B2B2C business, it’s quite essential to express your gratitude towards your most loyal and valuable customers that continued to trust your business since years. Keeping this in mind, the client launched a new website as a loyalty program to greet loyal customers that boost them to keep continuing their trust in the business. It’s a complete B2B2C marketplace based on a point system where customers are allowed to place their order and make multiple purchases of products that are less than or equivalent to the assigned credit points. Besides this, the website also notifies users with various information like purchase history, overall budget of points, redeemed points and so on.

How we did it ?


Retain Customers

Development of a loyalty-based program in form of B2B2C marketplace retained customers to a great extent.

Improved Business Productivity

A cohesive and automated system developed to conduct various marketing activities for loyal customer base eliminated manual process and thus improved business productivity to a great extent.

Boost Revenue Stream

Initiating loyalty program to great trustworthy customers retained more customers and thus boost business revenue stream.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Implementation of loyalty program results in enhanced custom-base and established customer satisfaction.

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