Benefits of Cross Platform Mobile Application Development in .NET Using Xamarin

Today, developing applications for various mobile platforms has become rather easy with the introduction of cross platform tools. The cross platform development tools enable developers to use a single shared code base to build native apps for various mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Windows etc. Hence, time, costs and efforts for developing applications for different mobile platforms is significantly reduced thereby profiting the enterprises that are looking to build mobile apps for their business needs. Yes, the enterprises can now easily get mobile apps developed for different platforms within reduced costs and time. For example, consider an organization wants to develop mobile application in .NET for its marketing needs. Instead going for application targeted to a single mobile platform, the organization can now seek the help of cross platform .Net application development services to target maximum audience base available over different mobile devices.

There are various tools and frameworks to support the cross platform development, one among which is Xamarin. Using Xamarin, one can easily develop applications for iOS, Android and Windows platforms with .NET and C#.

    • Build App similar to Native Platform:

The dot net application development with Xamarin delivers apps that have look and feel of the specific platform’s user interface with full functionality and performance similar to the native apps developed for that specific platform.

    • Platform Selection Not Required:

Xamarin reduces the worries of an organization to select a platform for mobile app development as it supports multi-platform app development.

    • Reuse of Existing App Code Base:

Apart from this, using Xamarin it is also possible to leverage existing code base of an app to easily transit to C#. So, the firms can now enjoy increase in market share with apps redefined to target multiple platforms.

    • Faster Screen Refreshes & Complex Data Visualization:

For the development of cross platform dot net applications like gaming apps that require fast screen refreshments or those which require to display data like charts with complex visualization, opting for Xamarin and Visual Studio IDE would be a good option because Xamarin apps are not interpreted. They are compiled to native binary and hence, can easily support the above requirements.

    • Portability:

By developing applications in Xamarin with Visual Studio, developers can get direct access to 100% of the native core APIs specific to each platform. In addition to the .NET APIs, the developers can now work freely with platform specific APIs as well to create cross platform apps. Getting familiar with all nuances of each device platform for app development is not necessary.

    • Tap The Potential of C# and .NET Ecosystem:

With Xamarin, one can easily tap the wide potential of the well-established and rapidly evolving .NET ecosystem. The developers can easily access thousands of .NET libraries and Xamarin components. They can easily add third-party libraries to their project and use their .NET skills, code and assets to write apps in C#.

With Xamarin based .net application development, you can not only create apps targeted to billions of existing mobile devices but can also have access to upcoming devices like IOT devices, Google Glass etc. Hence, you are able keep up with the future by opting for Xamarin app development for your business. Competitive advantage is something you can get at best for your firm with this sort of cross platform app development based on Xamarin.

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