Brainvire Is Facilitating The Development Of A Safe And Reliable Student Mobility App

November 03 , 2022 Dallas, USA

Once your kid leaves the safety of your house, you can no longer guarantee their protection. Now that schools are in session again, experts urge parents to talk to their children about being safe, particularly on the way to and from school.

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children reports that this is when a stranger and non-relative child abduction attempts peak (NCMEC). It also notes that school days provide a higher risk of attempted abduction for school-age children than weekends.

As such, our client wished to establish a foolproof student monitoring system. That will make it easier for parents to monitor their children from when they leave the house until they return from school.

As a parent, I know firsthand that one can take no chances when it comes to the well-being of one’s offspring. In light of this, when our client sought to create a web-based student monitoring management system, we ensured our technological knowledge would be an ideal asset. To make parents feel more at ease and ensure their children’s safety, we intend to create a mobile application for use by bus drivers, parents, and schools,” said Chintan Shah, CEO of Brainvire. 

Parents, bus drivers, and educational institutions will all have a role to play in the online student monitoring management system. The back-end will keep track of each participant, and a single admin will be in charge of everything.

When the kids get off the bus at school, the parents can monitor them all the way home. From the back end, admins can control who has access to what and even grant specific roles and permissions to tenants so they can run things at their designated location.

We’ll make two apps: one for school employees and drivers and another for parents. Native app development will be used for the first app, while hybrid app development will be used for the latter. A scanning feature can track where students are and what they are doing, like taking the bus, going to class, getting off at the wrong stop, etc.

Scan the RFID code: Both the bus driver and the school staff will need to scan the RFID tag provided to each student in order to record the student’s arrival and departure.

And from this data, parents will receive alert notifications regarding their child’s real-time whereabouts and activities (e.g., a student on the bus, a student at school, wrong bus, wrong stop, etc.) Parental notifications will be sent out in this case. This will be communicated by visual cues like the yellow, green, and red signals. Bus drivers, faculty, students, and routes, among other things, will all be managed by a team of back-end personnel.

The app will provide the driver with the name of the next kid they need to pick up and the best path to get there.

Parents with several children can enter their children’s details independently. Similarly, if a youngster is being cared for by more than one adult, each guardian only has to enter the child’s information once, and then they can both keep tabs on the child’s whereabouts using the same app.

Brainvire is eager to go on with the development of the app. This is a significant step toward allowing parents to send their children off to school without worry.

You may email us at info@brainvire.com if you have any questions regarding our mobile app development services.

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