The Best PHP Development Frameworks Available For The Year 2015

PHP is the most acclaimed and powerful platform that the web developers are willing to work with due to the fact that most of the websites are powered by this technology. But as far as the web development is concerned, the frameworks are of utmost importance. A PHP expert has sufficient knowledge on various PHP frameworks and can help you with every aspect of the project development phase. They know the relevant frameworks to use that will ease the development task.

Here are some of the widely recognized php development services frameworks that the web developers prefer to work with. Let’s have a look at them.

Symfony: A PHP web application framework, Symfony is very much suitable for the development of varied MVC applications. It is a free software released for commercial use under the MIT License. Phalcon Development is highly suitable for creating commercial, social, corporate web applications of any complexity.

CodeIgniter: CodeIgniter is an open source web application framework suitable for rapid development of robust and dynamic websites based on PHP. It is loosely based on the MVC pattern of development and is light, free, fast, extensible and easy to learn.

Phalcon: Phalcon is an open source framework exclusively written for PHP5. It has been written as a C-extension and is optimized for providing high performance to the end-user. A web developer who does not possess much knowledge of the C programming language need not have to worry much since all the functionalities are exposed as PHP classes and are readily available for use.

Pop PHP: Pop is designed keeping in mind the current standards that are prevalent in the PHP community. A completely object oriented framework it can be scaled easily to accommodate applications of any sizes. Currently, Pop supports development based on the PHP 5.3+ tool.

Kohana: Kohana is an object oriented open source MVC web framework suitable for any kind of personal, commercial or open source projects. It is built with the use of the latest PHP5 scripting language and the credit of this amazing framework goes to the team of volunteers who wish to keep things easy, small and secure. Kohana holds a BSD license and gives a legal right to the web developers to use it for any kind of development.

To sum up, 2015 will soon arrive and these are some of the amazing PHP frameworks highly suitable for the development of web applications and websites in the coming new year. So, if you are looking to build websites or web applications for the upcoming year, it is the time for you to decide which framework to include for your web development venture…!

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