20 Mind-Blowing App Ideas For Startups

It is not just about the millennials. Smartphones are becoming the preferred choice for people from different demographic backgrounds. In the coming days, they will develop a bigger fan base. But why such a rise in its popularity? One major reason is apps. Apps ease life. They make everything just a click away.

Some of the simplest app ideas are highly impactful. For entrepreneurs, developing new apps for mobiles can be a good option to start their ventures, contact Brainvire team for hiring world class mobile app developers. 

Why Do People Choose Apps? 

Apps are meant to provide access to services and simplify purchasing or decision-making processes. Users check a lot of factors before opting for an app. Learning about them would boost new apps for startup ventures.  

These factors are  

  • Mobile apps offer a chance to personalize the experience
  • Simplified way of sending notifications
  • Works better with mobile features
  • Better scope for designing
  • Improved branding experience 
  • Offline advantages
  • Enhanced chances of conversions
  • Apps work better than websites 

These 20 app ideas could be beneficial for those who would like to grow their startup or expand the business. Just keep in mind whom you want to serve. An app idea for android may not work on iOS. So, plan accordingly.  

  1. Designing Rooms with AR 

People often get confused about the colors and designs of their furniture when it comes to interior decoration. But augmented reality could be a solution. Using the phone’s camera, AR can create a virtual space and this feature could be useful for interior decoration. Apps with such facilities could find a boost from diverse sectors including the paint industry, interior decorations, and others. The structure of android app ideas would be different from iOS.  

  1. Health Check-up App 

Growing health awareness and rising inclusion of smart wearable could boost the prospect of any health app. These check-up apps can provide timely alerts and encourage well-being. Increasing tie-ups with other brands are a good opportunity to register growth.  

  1. Food Planner App 

If the user is a foodie but health-conscious, he would definitely like the app with delicious yet healthy recipes from chefs. He could also like an app that can easily identify how many calories the food item has just by knowing the ingredients. Such apps could easily take over the market and create a huge fan-following.  

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  1. Language Learning App 

Be it a profession or cultural mix, language learning is a great experience. And if you can do it on the go, whenever you want, then certainly it is a plus. In fact, with the audio facility, this can help learners with the pronunciation of a particular word.  

  1. Voice Translation App 

It is often difficult to get accustomed to a foreign land where the language is a huge barrier. The foreign tongue would leave the user clueless. But an app that can translate that on the spot can help the user. This real-time translation would help in communication.  

  1. Mall Navigation App 

The trend of visiting malls is growing rapidly. But people often get confused about the location of a particular store. Mall navigation apps can help users in locating stores in malls from the region. It could be even better if they locate products in a hypermarket. Such an app would enhance the shopping experience and increase customer engagement. 

  1. Criminal Recognition App 

One of the useful mobile apps ideas could be a criminal recognition app that would alert the user about a wanted criminal. This could make your vicinity safer to live. To design the app, you could seek help from the crime branch that would sync the wanted criminal list with your app’s basic structure and allow continuous upgradation.  

  1. Truckloader App 

This mobile app development idea could save hassles for both people who want to shift and who operate those trucks. It would also simplify the logistics procedures. If someone is planning to shift and is unable to get a truck at the last moment, this app can help. For operators, trucks often return without any loads. Such an app can help truck operators find new customers in the area to increase their profit margin.  

  1. Gift Apps 

One of the most troubling situations is finding the right gift for your loved ones. This app can have a substantial impact on the buying experience. The app would provide an option to buy those gifts and send them to the desired location. This app can also provide suggestions about gifts taking hints from various social media sites.  

  1. Tours and Travels with AR/VR App 

Augmented reality/ video reality are experiences that can easily enhance the experience of finding a proper tour or travel plan. With AR/VR, people can look for hotels and experience the feel of the place before renting rooms. In fact, the same, users can do with the tourist spots. Before booking the spot, they can experience different locales. Such experiences would help the tourism sector.  

  1. Blockchain and IoT Security App 

A lot of stores and residential places use diverse types of security systems. Recent trends are pointing towards a development where people are looking for a single point of control. IoT, by using the Wi-fi system, can provide that. An app can control them all. But sometimes, hacking can create a problem for these apps. That is where blockchain would be handy. Blockchain is almost unbreachable. A blend of these two would increase the impact.  

  1. Cloud Presentation App 

Cloud is one of the fastest-growing trends and is getting traction as it is cost-effective. It is also a platform that gives access to different participants and allows them to operate at the same time. Now, imagine a presentation with the cloud. This will allow all to take part and develop it in sync without hampering the flow.  

  1. Car Parking App 

In big cities, finding a parking spot is difficult. That is why a GPS-tracker enabled app to guide drivers in finding a parking spot would be both time-saving and efficient. This can evolve in metropolitan cities as one of the most efficient app ideas. 

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  1. Knowing the Stranger App 

Sometimes, a name on the caller list is not enough to know who the caller is. That is why ultrasound apps can help in providing a better idea. This app would transmit ultrasound on the other side and form a picture of the other person so that you can be aware of the caller’s identity. Sounds unrealistic? Not really. Once you create such an app, you would also get a strong user base.  

  1. Sync Camera App 

People like their own pictures and are very conscious about how they are looking in it. That is why knowing how people are looking in it before the actual click would help the user. If the user pairs their camera with the one taking the shot, they will know when to click and how to take the right one. With mobile cameras getting better, this app would definitely get some recognition.  

  1. Retrieving Apps 

There are times when users make an error by deleting some files. Some official documents, pictures, and other things may be of great importance and users would desperately try to get it back. Retrieving apps would help in getting the info back. This will help users in having a better phone handling experience.  

  1. Supermarket App

 This app could make the long lines in front of the supermarket counter disappear. A supermarket billing app can help the user in tagging the products and generate bills to pay that online. This would make the process faster and lower the waiting time.  

  1. Virtual Clothing App 

The virtual clothing app would help the user see how the garment would fit him or her and how he or she would look in it. Such an app would help e-commerce sites in launching better promotional campaigns.  

  1. Finished Item App 

Sometimes, the last moment discoveries of a finished item in the refrigerator creates a lot of problems. An app that would send alerts about the amount left of the product would help in organizing better dinner plans.  

  1. Recycle App 

With growing green concerns, users can always benefit from an app that can scan the trash bin and alert about the state of products.  

Some Statistics for Brainstorming 

What drives people to choose an app?  Statistics revealed that unique features and functionality is at the core of the choices made by 48% of the people, whereas, 45% rely on a friend’s word for growth. If the app is a high battery-user, chances are high that 49% of the millennials would consider it a dealbreaker. With time, the act of making a purchase using an app is rising. So, developing better plans is becoming necessary. 


To develop better app ideas, understanding the environment is important. Also keeping an eye on sustainability would help in the long run. These ideas could be enticing and of assistance, if you are planning to launch your venture with apps. We as a leading mobile app development company offer Mobile App For Jewellery and Diamond Business.