7 Reasons To Choose ASP.NET Core

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  • Published On October 26, 2018

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Talking About 7 Reasons To Choose ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET Core – this cross-platform & open-source web framework of Microsoft is a good option to build modern web or internet applications that can be deployed to the cloud. Developers are using Microsoft’s .NET Development 4.x platform to build high performance & scalable applications. ASP.NET Core is nothing but a redesigned ASP.NET 4.x with some additional & enhanced features. In short, ASP.NET Core is a revamped version of the previous .NET platform!7 Reasons To Choose ASP.NET Core

Now the important question is – why should anyone go for Asp.net web application development or what’s so interesting here?

As an experienced developer, in my opinion, the 7 reasons behind the popularity of ASP.NET Core are :

  1. Performance
  2. Cross-platform Implementation
  3. Container Support
  4. Open-source and Modular Framework
  5. Simplified Coding Environment
  6. Flexible Deployment
  7. CSRF Protection

So, let’s get started.


With the addition of core libraries, tools optimization – developers can write efficient & maintainable codes with high performance. Moreover, easier upgrades, faster release cycles, new concepts related to space & memory allocation make this open-source framework more reliable for IoT, mobile applications & clouds. Microsoft’s modular framework is not just for developers, it made sure that the industry also gets a robust and economical solution through its applications. In my opinion, with the introduction of the Kestrel web server, ASP.NET Core is now one of the fastest web frameworks available in the market.

Cross-platform Implementation

.NET framework is designed to run on only Windows but tools & applications developed using .NET Core can run on Linux, Windows, and macOS. In fact, you can build and deploy an ASP.NET Core app to Microsoft Azure with Visual Studio.

7 Reasons To Choose ASP.NET Core

Independent packaging, installation (not dependent on any OS) along with compatibility with multiple platforms makes .NET Core a great framework for developing any application. Once you develop an app, the .NET Core provides the functionality to reuse that same code irrespective of the platform or the OS.

Container Support

Talking About 7 Reasons To Choose ASP.NET Core,  ASP.NET Core allows developers to utilize new technologies such as Kubernetes, Docker. In fact, if a developer wants to deploy his application to containers, Microsoft Azure, the cloud service, will support that too!

Open-Source and Modular Framework

The flexibility of any open-source software is a big advantage for any user. You can add libraries, framework components as per the project requirement. Whenever a new package or version will be released, there is no need to upgrade the whole framework. This is definitely a plus point for using the Core framework as it will save time. There are projects present in Github which is again an active open source community for developers. Dot NET Foundation is also present where any interested dot net person can share code, discuss, deploy Core app to Azure and stay on top of any latest news from the dot net world.

Simplified Coding Environment

HTML(Hypertext Markup Language) is used to create various types of web pages. With HTML, languages such as CSS & JScript are used to improve the design of the front-end user interface and make the web page more responsive. The ‘Tag Helpers’ in .NET Core framework gives you the flexibility to add HTML elements in your user interface. Also, you can replace the HTML (wherever necessary in your code) with this Tag feature. With Tag helper you can:

  • Edit Razor without learning any C# Razor syntax
  • Produce a reliable & robust code using the available information on the server

In ASP.NET Core, the web API and MVC  have been merged. This resulted in a simplified development environment.

Flexible Deployment

There are 2 ways to deploy the developed app:

  1. self-contained deployment
  2. framework-dependent deployment
  3. Self-contained deployment: It does not depend on the shared components. Instead, the components of .NET libraries & .NET Core runtime are separated from all other .NET Core applications.
  4. Framework-dependent deployment: It depends on the shared system components. As a developer, you will deploy only your developed app & 3rd-party dependencies. This reduces the memory usage on host systems which is indeed an advantage.

CSRF Protection

 If you don’t know the definition of CSRF, then refer to this statement from Microsoft:

“Cross-site request forgery (also known as XSRF or CSRF) is an attack against web-hosted applications whereby a malicious website can influence the interaction between a client browser and a website trusted by that browser.”

 7 Reasons To Choose ASP.NET Core

Source: developer.marklogic.com

 A successful CSRF or XSRF can result in data theft, unauthorized fund transfers and a lot more. Hackers send malicious emails, links to the users and users mistakenly send forged request to the server. In simple terms, hackers use this process to hijack authenticated sessions (by users) to perform an activity or process which the user did not initiate at all. Well, ASP .NET Core for .Net Application has a powerful framework that can prevent such attacks by generating anti-forgery tokens in runtime. The framework validates all the incoming XSRF tokens and if the validation is successful, only then the framework will allow the operation to be performed.

On An Ending Note –

Talking About 7 Reasons To Choose ASP.NET Core,  With dependency injection, WebSockets, SignalR, self-hosted web application, globalization, version updates, faster release cycles, and strong community support – .NET Core is gaining popularity among developers and businesses for its robust industry solution. I have already highlighted some of the key features of the latest ASP .NET Core in this blog for your understanding. Be it high performance or cutting-edge features – Dot NET Core is clearly the future of web development. So if you are looking for performance, server-side applications that can be deployed on cross-platforms easily at a much lower cost, then ASP.NET Core is your best suitable option. To know more about how to get started with ASP.NET Core and .NET framework, visit us or drop a mail at info@brainvire.com to hire our .NET Application developers to develop a scalable application based on your needs.

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