Key Trends for ASP.Net


Talking About Key Trends for ASP.Net, ASP.NET is a popular open source web framework developed by Microsoft to allow willing developers to build dynamic web pages and web applications based on HTML5, CSS & JavaScript. ASP.NET is still one of the best web development technologies because it offers better features and functionality that helps to enhance your application and grow your business. In fact, ASP.NET is not limited to script languages- it supports Visual Basic, C#, and J# and you can create compelling ASP.NET applications using Visual Studio, which is again a Microsoft product.

Key Trends for ASP.Net

Here we will discuss the key trends for ASP .NET which is important and beneficial for the developers and the industry.

A New Framework

If you are using ASP.NET core for .Net Development for a long time or enthusiastic about it, then you might be aware that Microsoft already announced a new framework named ASP.NET Core 1.0 to build cloud-based, Internet-connected applications but it came as a surprise to the renowned developers. ASP.NET Core is a cross-platform, high-performance and lightweight framework with which you can build IoT apps, development tools on Windows, Linux & macOS and deploy to the cloud.

Talking About Key Trends for ASP.Net, With the new version of Core 2.0, Microsoft gave developers the privilege to create .NET Core console apps, xUnit test projects, standard class libraries and provided a better support for multiple target frameworks. The latest version Core 2.1 is bundled with improved security, commitment to GDPR(General data protection regulation), SignalR(provides a simplified scale-out model, new JavaScript client with no jQuery dependency), Razor class libraries that you can share across multiple projects and a lot more.

Big Data & IoT

Nowadays, trends revolving around Big data & IoT is not new. With Big Data present in the picture, it became easy for the industry to store huge amounts of data on the cloud that can be accessed easily from any place and it helped the analytics to take proper decisions in real-time depending on the organized data. Now, the interesting part is that ASP.NET platform allows the industry to take advantage of IoT and Big Data technologies. IIS or Internet Information Server is one of the most powerful web servers from Microsoft that is used to host ASP.NET web applications and the combination of both can deliver a highly scalable solution which is indeed an advantage for any business!

Cloud Service

Cloud service became popular in recent times because of its storage property. A huge amount of data can be stored and accessed from anywhere around the world and that too, anytime! With an increasing trend of business to shift towards cloud, Microsoft developed Azure, an operating system for the cloud to play with big data and provide a complete analytics solution. Through Azure, the .NET application whose business logic is based on ASP .NET can be deployed on the cloud that has been developed using ASP .NET MVC front-end.

Talking About Key Trends for ASP.Net, With the latest releases of the software and .NET technologies in the market, .NET is becoming a popular choice of the framework because it provides flexible business application within budget. Whether you are developing dynamic websites or mobile apps or business intelligence applications- reliable & scalable ASP .NET is your best solution in 2018!

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