Key Features of ASP.Net Core MVC To Build Scalable Applications

Key Features of ASP.Net Core MVC To Build Scalable Applications

Talking About Key Features of ASP.Net Core MVC To Build Scalable Applications , Whenever talk comes to enterprise app development or business app development, Microsoft’s application stack is the first solution that pops up in mind. Leveraging the brand’s dominance and rich library support, Microsoft’s.Net platform is widely used to build feature-rich applications.

ASP. Net Core MVC or ASP.Net MVC 6.0 has redefined the entire idea of developing web applications. Empowering the open-source usage of robust technologies and frameworks, Microsoft’s frameworks have a wide usability in the development area.

Simplifying the coding environment and aim to cater market needs, Asp.Net Core is enjoying the top position on Microsoft’s web stack. This article will throw some lights on newest features in ASP.Net Core MVC.

Build Next-Gen Web Application using ASP.Net Core MVC

In order to provide greater flexibility and gain competitive advantages, Microsoft has completely revamped existing Asp.Net framework and resulted into advanced Asp.Net Core. It works fine with both, the.Net framework and .Net Core Framework.

What are the New Features in Asp.Net Core MVC?

Works Platform Independently:

Talking About Key Features of ASP.Net Core MVC To Build Scalable Applications , Unlike the .Net framework is designed to run only on Windows platforms, Asp.Net core can be run and support many platforms such as Linux, Mac, etc. The development tool for Asp.Net application, Visual Studio is provided with another component called Visual Studio Code to develop an application in Linux and Mac operating system.

Leveraging the power of platform independent feature, Asp.Net core is now being used for developing an application which can run on multiple platforms.

 Open Source and extended Flexibility:

It gives you the flexibility to add required libraries and framework components as a part of application deployment. It can be comprised of components and libraries which are necessary for a project requirement.

You can avail NuGet Package Manager to manage runtime, Net core libraries, and Asp.Net Core Framework libraries to be included into the project. It focuses on maintaining modularity across the environment to simplify coding.

Enhanced Cloud Deployment Support:

As it provides extended modularity and flexible environment, the applications are now ready to be deployed on the cloud. Asp .Net Core supports cloud deployment of an application due to its modular architecture.

Hosting Independence: Not dependent on IIS Web Server

When talk comes to application development, IIS (Internet Information Services) is the default web server to run the application.

Now, as Asp.Net Core supports platform independence, it has to offer support for many other web servers. This gave a specification of OWIN (Open Web Interface for .NET) application development. The applications are no longer dependent only on IIS, but now you can host .Net application under other web servers.

Introduction to Tag Helpers:

This is a new feature added in Asp.Net Core Framework.

The Tag Helpers lets you extend view HTML attributes similar to HTML Helpers. By using Tag Helpers, you can add additional view HTML elements into your UI. It is easy to use and can replace HTML helper methods in some cases.

Additionally, Visual Studio, IDE for.Net better supports the building of HTML elements with Tag Helpers.

Built-in Support for Dependency Injection Container

The Asp.Net Core MVC provides inbuilt support for complete Dependency Injection as a part of the framework. The previous versions of ASP.Net support DI but, by using third-party IOC container.

You can use this Dependency Injection as it is a built-in feature in your application. It is widely used in MVC to facilitate coding structure. It handles the instantiation of dependent object and services.

Support for JSON Based Configurations

The advanced framework of Asp.Net supports JSON based files and configuration providers. The data can be managed with various providers such as Command Line Parameters, Environment Variables, and Azure Key vault.

Introduced for Unit Testing

Before Asp.Net core framework, applications used Visual Studio Unit Test framework for unit testing. Now, it has replaced with to perform unit testing.

ASP .Net CORE MVC – Build Scalable and High-end Web Applications

Due to its myriad benefits over other versions, this enhanced framework helps you to build seamless user experience and provides ease in coding processes.

Leveraging the rich community support and inbuilt features, ASP.Net Core MVC is the first choice when it comes to developing an enterprise app. Whether it is business, magento eCommerce, and other portals, .Net Development can cover every aspect of designing top-notch applications and web services.

.Net Solutions provide greater usability in the business domain:

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