Enterprise Application Development with Symfony framework


With the advancement in technology, a lot of platforms have been evolved for developing websites and web applications. Out of a comprehensive range of options available, most people use PHP. This scripting language has been successful since its inception. It has given birth to a lot of frameworks which help developers to build up even the most complex web applications in an easy manner.

The PHP developers can use any framework which are available in the market, as per their convenience; be it Zend, Cake PHP, Symfony, Yii or Code Igniter. However, here we shall discuss the reason behind the constantly growing demand of Symfony. The bucket of ‘benefits of Symfony web development’ is almost full. So, let us just take a small ride to go through some of the most important reasons of choosing Symfony for developing your web application.

Architecture: The MVC components and logic filtering from the defined user interface make the architecture extremely flexible. This lets developers build up long-lasting applications. In addition to that, it is easier to make changes into it and the testing becomes even easier and faster.

Easy Maintenance: Symfony reduces the performance overheads in the first place. Moreover, it develops robust apps that are suitable for all enterprises. They can be customized, as the developers can control the configurations. The tools aid in unit testing as well as debugging.

Interoperability: The Symfony enterprise applications are built to meet the business needs, as it meets all the PHP standards and uses transaction management, form management, and dependency injector, to name a few.

Reputation: Since its inception, Symfony has been the favorite of developers because of its long list of benefits. It has been extensively used by people across the world.

Resources: As discussed earlier, Symfony develops robust applications, giving the
developers control over the configuration. It helps to save time and automate the common tasks in order to focus on important specifications of the app.

References: Symfony is not just limited to one or two sectors. It works for a comprehensive range of industries like intranets, community sites, management, public sites, social networks, and workflow applications, to name a few. Hundreds of websites and applications of all designs and sizes have trusted Symfony.

Useful: Symfony is one of the most useful platforms to develop websites and enterprise web applications. It has served PHP in a unique way and has got some amazing features like dependency injection and ‘debug toolbar’ which has helped developers to build productive applications.

Innovation: It helps you to develop enterprise applications in one of the most innovative ways, which helps your enterprise be unique and stand out from your competitors. The above-mentioned points regarding Symfony show that it is one of the best options to choose for developing web applications. So, it is advisable to make sure you keep these points in mind and choose it for your next web application project. Good luck with the same!

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