Symfony – Reasons to Access the Full Potential of this Powerful Framework


Symfony is the most-talked and one of today’s most powerful and innovative technologies in web development that allows development of complicated solutions with reduced time and effort wastes. Symfony, a premier open-source PHP framework makes web development easier and offers scalability, extensibility and ease of maintenance.

The Symfony Development Services are purely based on the high-quality, uniqueness, attractive performance and functionality of your website or web application. The Symfony Application Development helps to develop robust and functional web applications and business solutions while Symfony Framework Development is highly suitable for creating commercial, corporate, social and web applications of any complexity.

Here are some of the main selling points for Symfony which makes it universally recognized and popular for website or web application development.

  • Symfony is architected according to the MVC methodology which has become a standard for web application development. The presentation, interactions and sections of code for managing the website’s data are kept separate to make the web application more scalable, extensible and easy to maintain.
  • Symfony creates a set of PHP components that are the best building blocks for developing any website.
  • Symfony offers a best platform for creating end-user products depending on one’s needs. One can choose to use some of the Symfony components, the Silex micro-framework or the full-stack framework.
  • Symfony’s component libraries or at least Http Foundation appeared to be richer and more self-contained allowing the user to pick and choose what they use.
  • Symfony is used by many big companies for instance BBC, CBS and by many large websites such as TED, Lockers etc. Also, some open-source projects are powered by Symfony which brings a lot of interoperability between different solutions.
  • Symfony enjoys a huge community of users and contributors. Last year 600+ people contributed to the Symfony core and the community created over 1600 bundles for the full-stack framework.
  • Symfony brings innovation to PHP. It is one of the first major frameworks to embrace PHP5.3 and to introduce the usage of a Dependency Injection Container and the use of a templating engine for its templates.
  • Symfony has some unique features like its debug toolbar and great built-in profiler. Some advantages that set Symfony apart from the other framework include rapid backend generation, large and vibrant community, lots of useful plug-ins and great documentation.

It is clear enough that Symfony is an IDEAL framework that provides flexibility, speed, reusable components and much more. This modern framework will surely make the web development easier and let the customers to get what they need in a short duration of time and within a marginal cost.

I hope the above points will definitely let you think about Symfony Application Development. If you have more points to share, then leave your replies in the comment box below…!

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