Why Mobile And Website Speed Matters For Business Enhancement?

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  • Published On April 25, 2017

  • Updated On June 17, 2024

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Talking About Why Mobile And Website Speed Matters For Business Enhancement? Every e-commerce organization asks the golden question – “What should be my website speed ideally?” Well, Google’s site performance for webmaster states, “e-commerce website should not take more than 2 seconds time.” Google expects this time under half a second. So the answer for a speedy mobile app development can be placed like this. A website should load between 500 milliseconds to 2 seconds maximum.

Pingdom – a tool for website checking – has provided the facts of websites which obtained its services. According to it, an average page with 3 Mb size takes 5 seconds of time to load it. Compared to last 5 years, the performance has increased by 250% but it hasn’t reached its ideal mark completely.

So what is the Need For Speed in any mobile app development?

Amazon researched that one-second delay can cause conversion drop by 7% and if daily sales $100k, then Amazon would lose $2.5m just because of one-second delay.

Why Mobile And Website Speed Matters For Business Enhancement

Source: kissmetrics.com

From the above figure, we can easily make out the relation between page load time and page abandonment chances.The more the page load time, chances of abandonment increases significantly, thus by revenues would significantly drop.

– 46% said that waiting for pages is tiresome work.
– 53% users abandoned the site if pages took more than 3 seconds to load.
– 65% users assume that brand is not up to mark if its website takes the time to load.

Why Mobile And Website Speed Matters For Business Enhancement

Source: kissmetrics.com

The image clearly states that the internet users experience relates to their website on the mobile phone. In days of m-commerce, mobile availability and responsiveness in the most. There are some reasons behind bad performance of sites which needs to be taken care of –

Images take 63% weight of the the total page. So the image optimization has to be ensured for speed.

1 out of 5 pages comes with more than 100 resource requests and at least 5 redirects.  So on mobile, providing this resource request is a tiresome job. Resource requests and redirects should be kept minimal for user engagement.
– 60% pages contain more than 10 java scripts. Each request comprises of page rendering.
– 48% of the page contains custom fonts and that takes time for sure. Custom font optimisation has to be ensured for the speed issue.

Source: kissmetrics.com

The research was taken place between 33 major online retailers. According to them, abandonment rate for mobile is more than desktop shopping carts.A page which takes 6 seconds to load would experience 50% conversation loss. Walmart stated that – for every 100ms improvement in the speed, extra 1% revenue is gained. And this 1% revenue comprises of billion dollars.

Talking About Why Mobile And Website Speed Matters For Business Enhancement? Your page load time impacts your SEO rating. The presence of social media resulted in an increase of 202% in e-commerce. If the speed of your application is not up to the mark, then chances of Google keeping your website at the later place of queue increases. So investing billions of money in SEO becomes useless if your website is not up to the speed. SEO impacts the mobile app development in various ways.

Having taken care of certain matters can help in boosting your site performance significantly.

More than 70% of retailers have optimised their websites for mobile phones. So in order to be in the market, there has to be better and better value addition offered to the websites. Let’s see some speed comparisons.

The websites which take loading time as 5 seconds compare to 19 seconds have
– 25% increase in viewability of advertisements
– 70% longer session averagely
– 35% rates of lower bounce

When there is a matter of millions of dollars by just one second of delay, then every small and big step in mobile app development should be taken to achieve the speed.

The good hosting deal offers good speed results always.

Choosing a good hosting company means choosing a good speed, good maintenance support and good space for the size of the website. Every hosting provider claims such values but true providers only are integrity based ones. Don’t just go by the advertisement, check for the reviews and complaints of users.

Check for the every UX element loading time.

Don’t just go by features and lucrative ones of the website design, the time taken for loading of an UX element should be taken in the count. If the business needs more images to describe, then image optimisation and section has to be done for the speed.

Every millisecond is important.

CDN (Content Delivery Network) can help in optimising your large website performance. So take help of every tool which let you achieve the speed target.

Understand the importance of SEO

Google Page Insights can help you know the performance of the website. If you are not aware of it, take help of developers, but learn for sure. There are some tools which can help:
– Google Page Insights provides the speed range of your website on mobile and desktop both.
– Pingdom counterchecks against all websites.
– GTmetrix provides insights with action line.
– WebPageTest provides results with the help of real data.

Closing thoughts

Talking About Why Mobile And Website Speed Matters For Business Enhancement? In today’s era, speed is the hero, whosoever achieves it, gains in the market. And every year ideal page loading time is getting shorter. To retain and gain customers, your e-commerce development business has to be in a top row of this speed race.

Brainvire contains a robust team i.e. full of experts of speed maximization and has developed many projects for speed enhancement in the past. So if you’re considering going for any such functions, do not hesitate from scheduling an appointment with our team.

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