The Upswing Of On-Demand Economy: How Will It Befit Business?


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You might have been experiencing a lot of new technologies and devices these past few years. It’s almost hard to find a person without mobile or an internet connectivity.

Well, that’s the future. Mobile economy is the future.

If you ‘re aware of digital transformation or you’re just keen on using new devices available in the market, software development and mobile app development would bound to make an impact in day-to-day life.

The rise of IT made everyone change the way they’re doing business, but it’s utmost important to analyze every step in order to succeed. As per the current trend and saying from Accenture,

92% of business say that intelligent automation that combines artificial intelligence and automation will be put to wider use within their company during the next 12 months.”

And that’s what currently happening in order to utilize technology inventions to fuel business growth.

The On-Demand Economy Is Growing, Haven’t You Noticed?

The rise of on-demand applications, IoT, smart technologies, augmented reality & virtual reality, machine learning, and digital transactions have entirely changed the business models and its operations. Profitable Global organizations like Uber, Netflix, and Airbnb have adopted on-demand model and counted as one of the pioneer players for utilizing on-demand tech concepts with covering all possible perspectives.

People are getting used to having everything instant and on-demand, therefore this model has gained groundbreaking success. Many on-demand services are used by people across the globe. The on-demand economy will grow at high velocity in the upcoming years.

Unfolding the next-gen capabilities through the technology expansion, businesses and giant marketplaces have already considered the power of on-demand economy. But, how does this affect your business?

According to Harvard Business Review reports, “The on-demand economy is attracting more than 22.4 million consumers annually and $57.6 billion in spending.”

Each business segment is capitalizing on the on-demand economy including online marketplaces, transportation, food-grocery, and so on. People are not choosing to be in a queue or waiting for particular service for hours. All the businesses and modern endeavors are popping up as the instant service provider or act as a middleman between you and service provider.

Internet-driven technologies are enhancing our lives, and the concept like ‘on-demand’ has emerged as a lucrative business model.

Smartphones have been around for few years and have changed the way we think. Let’s just explore more how it matters to you or to your business.

How will it change the entire aspects of business?

On-demand economy in Online Marketplace

Ecommerce development and its expansion are growing at an astronomical pace and one of two entrepreneurs is thinking to build an e-commerce platform as per the present scenario. The instant services and a wide range of choices in online marketplaces made people turn towards it and fulfill their diverse needs. Even, payment integration and prompt customer services are having vital importance. The individual e-commerce business owner is also embracing technologies like magento 2 migration and made services prompt by broadening the horizons. However, the interesting mixture of ‘online + offline’ presence is also prevailing in the market.

On-demand is dominantly taking place in transportation industry

Well, the on-demand concept is born through the Uber, innovator of easy transportation and the sharing economy. It has launched the successful on-demand business model and now everyone is getting used to it. In a shorter span, the idea of middle service layer has morphed and shown the world how sharing economy can benefit everyone.

After the successful on-demand business model, introduced by Uber, there are many private ventures came and used the model to establish a position in the market. It seems that the transportation industry has faced the biggest changes that revolved around on-demand technologies.

It promotes the sharing economy, flexibility, personalized services, and more importantly promptness of the services.

The influential effect of on-demand on entrepreneurship and personalized work

By Promoting responsiveness and personalization, the on-demand economy is now center focus of entrepreneurs. The demand of industry-specific personalized work has taken the on-demand economy to the next level.

Well, it’s not a surprise that personalization is a key for every business. Organizations are trying hard to obtain ‘customer satisfaction’ with every possible factor. Data and statistics represent the exact same scenario right from the small e-commerce business venture to the giant organizations. Customers are given more personalized services and those who are able to obtain maximum ‘customer satisfaction’ can win the battle.

Whether to increase business opportunities or to use the innovative business ‘idea’, entrepreneurs are getting their hands on concepts like ‘on-demand economy’. Targeting the customer-centric environment, businesses are identifying the potential to generate newest avenues.

The ‘on-demand’ concept has already changed the aspect of services and now it’s matter to see that how the business will adopt this economy to create a revenue generation model.

Embracing technology inventions can be a core part in order to blaze a path. It’s almost hazardous to avoid the power of such disruptive technologies and concepts. By establishing a customer base, applying significant retention strategies, and optimum use of technological inventions, these three practices together can help you to stay foremost.

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