New Generation Trader Management Tool That Brings A Lot Of Money!

 Trader Management Tool

Having a robust portfolio that delivers quite good returns is a wish that runs in every trader’s mind, correct? Many time, it happens that a person keeps an eye on one stock for a longer time, analyze its behavior, trade on it and finally earns a lot from it. Well researched stocks are proved as a treasure hidden under the sea. Just dive deeper and fetch it! But in today’s busy world, does everyone have this much time and that too for only one stock? What if when eyes are on multiple stocks not on a single one? Difficult, right? But thanks to advanced technologies, there is some trader management tool available in the market which not only supports but suggests, too.

Traders opted for trader management tool have started reaping the benefits long ago.


In business, this saying is very popular, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. A successful investor trader always makes a plan and rigidly follow it. Planning is inevitable. So an accurate trader management tool supports the trader by giving a clearer picture of the stocks. Brainvire has crafted such a strong Trading Management Software which is ruling the market due to its robust and futuristic features.

First of all, a trader management software makes the stock option handy at your screen. A trader can visualize the assets behavior and grab the chance of moneymaking situations. Also, another way, the stop loss once determined can save the trader effectively. Comparison of implied volatiles with Historical volatiles gives the idea about the peaks and falls of the stock. Time to time, by having just a glance at the comprehensive reports, a trader can be in a position to take immediate and accurate decision towards generating profits. Plus, huge time and money for research get saved as the algorithm fitted in the software displays the further moves on a timely basis. Instead of spending a hell lot of time in analysis, the trader can move the eyeballs towards the strategic planning of the assets.

An effective trader management software provides minute to minute details with the best display!


The stock fluctuates every minute. The report seen now is no longer real time after 5 minutes. In the synchronization between application and MTM (Market To Market) prices, a new data replaces the old data in a matter of just seconds only. 24/7 and 365 days, the tool remains precise.

To let trader determine own strategy is the success of a complete trader management software. In order to support trader, the features such as computing of Delta, Gamma, Theta and Vega Greeks of all strike prices with the Greeks size, the stop loss, and the profit margins etc. configuration is provided to the trader. A calculator which predicts the theoretical price is a very useful addition. Plus, there is a utility given to the traders to create their own checklist and based on that define different strategies for a wide range of assets.

 trader management software

Charts play the crucial role especially when stock wobbles a lot. A famous proverb says the same thing, “A picture is one thousand words.” For example, if a payoff chart is included in the tool, it will give a clear-cut picture of the profit and loss levels and the break-even points! Nowadays, every new generation trending platform provides charts in Google graphs. This gives the flexibility to a trader to have a look at it from anywhere in the world without application installed.

A good notification or intimation system contributes significantly in returns of the investments. Timely alerts on the stop loss, profit targets, historical and benefiting moves, upper circuit, lower circuit etc. can immediately drag attention of traders. In some cases, traders have a tie-up with brokers. In such scenarios, trader management software sends the same email to the broker, too!

Wrapping Up


A trader portfolio management tool makes everything clearer from the blurry vision. Any movement of stocks, recent or in past can be seen accurately. The strong feature such as graphical representations, timely notifications, alerts, theoretical calculator, Greeks analysis and computing, stock comparisons, auto synchronization with stock exchanges etc. smoothens the strategic planning process a way better!