Diving Into The Popular Drupal 7 Modules

Without any doubt, Drupal is one of the best content management systems available over the web. Having a website enriched with a whole host of features and functionality is crucial these days to survive in the market, and that’s where the significance of Drupal came into the picture. More than 24% of the government websites are built using Drupal.
Drupal 7 Modules Development

Recently, Drupal has introduced a stable release of its version 7.23 and its 8th version is going to be launched soon in the market. With the features like improved UI design, high-level of flexibility, improved power and quality, cutting-edge themes and more, Drupal 7 definitely make sense to go for it.

However, many people would be interested to know more about what kind of modules Drupal 7 is going to bring for them. While many businesses approach to the custom Drupal 7 module development, there are many people who prefer to use readily available modules to save development costs.

Are you one of those who never like to invest in Drupal 7 module development and looking for some of the best Drupal 7 modules you can utilize for your website? Here’s the list of the popular Drupal 7 modules businesses can leverage from:

• Token

Token brings a wide range of modules with a management system for their placeholder tokens.  Rather than burying complex code of PHP or creating not so friendly UIs, users can directly add text bites to the large documents. Also, users will see no visible effect of this amazing module as most of the Token functions are integrated with the Drupal 7.

• Pathauto

As search engine optimization has become an important part for every website development, the automated creation of SEO-friendly URLs makes Pathauto the best module for the developers as well as for the website owners. You can easily apply all these automated aliases to many types of content such as users, taxonomy labels, and nodes, while keeping users free from manually assigning them.

• Mollom

No need to go for custom Drupal 7 module development to remove spam posting from the anonymous users. Mollum utilizes intuitive pattern recognition and content monitoring of its networked sites in order to remove spam content or posts from the anonymous users. Performing the functions that a real moderator would, this module will keep the integrity of your site intact.

Google Analytics

This is one of the most important Drupal 7 modules that will provide users with a wide range of reports to help them track and monitor performance of their website. It provides a variety of reports including domain and link tracking, download trends, message tracking, custom variables and much more.

• Backup and Migrate

With the Backup and Migrate, it becomes easy for you to save, restore or copy your database from one site to another. Using an automatic scheduling feature, you can get relaxed and leave the worry to lose your data.

Have you ever tried any of these modules in your Drupal 7 website? Want to leverage from a custom Drupal 7 module development? Get in touch with us now!