SharePoint 2016 Beta is Out – Get Ready to Experience the New Coolest Features with Cloud

SharePoint 2016 Beta is Out - Get Ready to Experience the New Coolest Features with Cloud

SharePoint is the popular business collaboration platform from Microsoft that enables individuals in the organizations to create, manage, store and share documents or information from almost any device. It enables individuals to easily create and manage their collaborative websites. SharePoint seamlessly integrates with Windows and Microsoft Office Server suites and simplifies the way individuals across the organization can find and share information across the boundaries. It helps in faster information access and better decision making for the organizations.

After SharePoint 2013, now it’s time that the users taste the improved features of this browser-based, business collaboration platform in its new 2016 version. The beta version of SharePoint 2016 is out and is said to encapsulate several, new exciting features to support business needs. It seems as Microsoft has proven its commitment to deliver better on-premises experiences in this beta version. A massive enhancement in it however revolves around creating better user experiences by utilizing the cloud technology. With this version, the users who were unable to access cloud will be able to utilize some of the best and coolest cloud features for their business needs. They will now be able to access their applications and data from anywhere.

SharePoint 2016 Features

1. Improved User Experience:

SharePoint 2016 is said to get updated version of UI which will give the users convenience of swapping between the systems from SharePoint 2013 to Office 365 for a consistent experience. The SharePoint developers have proven their commitment to improving user experiences which is a very important topic at the moment both for the businesses as well as the customers. All are aware of the fact that bad user experiences can create a negative impact on user adoption. Hence, SharePoint offers improved user experience with an engaging UI in its latest version.

2. Improved Mobile Experiences:

SharePoint 2016 provides support for mobile push and information synchronization. It allows for device -specific targeting of content and enables the users to access information they require, irrespective of the device that they are using. Personalization is the most desired feature that is on everyone’s mind at the moment and SharePoint 2016 has very effectively embedded this feature to provide better mobile experiences.

3. Hybrid Sites:

Along with improved user and mobile experiences comes the hybrid SharePoint Sites option which allows an individual to configure server to server connection that enables to join the features of both the on-premises as well as the online sites managed by the individual. Hence, this allows the followers of the user to find both of their sites at one centralized location.

4. Automated Hybrid Deployment Gets Easy:

In SharePoint’s latest version, Microsoft has made efforts to simplify and automate the hybrid deployments. The hybrid scenario helps the users to quickly configure all of their hybrid prerequisites like server to server and authentication connections programmatically. Hence, the technical implementation would no longer interrupt your organization from utilizing the cloud.

5. Next Generation Hybrid Search:

This is the best feature of Microsoft SharePoint 2016. It’s all about offering unified search experience across on-premises and online platforms of SharePoint. In the earlier version, hybrid search used to provide separate results from on-premises and online versions. But now with next-gen hybrid search feature, one can get neatly combined single list of results with combined search relevancy ranking. Hence, this has marvelously improved the user experiences.

In addition to these, there are much better developments yet to come out in SharePoint 2016 that will make easier to set up hybrid environment for efficient in information access and collaboration for the enterprises.

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