Brainvire’s SharePoint Development Services

  • Progressive roadmap

    Progressive roadmap

    We explore the client’s portfolio and business deeply to understand and recommend a strategic plan of action keeping in mind multiple factors. Our roadmap to success is fully customized according to the client’s business objectives.
  • Efficient project management

    Efficient project management

    We apply a holistic project management approach. It consists of various aspects like timely response to proposals, time management, following deadlines, and fulfilling end-user experience.
  • Flexible engagement model

    Flexible engagement model

    We provide a unique amalgamation of skilled developers and cutting-edge technologies. We enable transparency and scalability at all engagement levels. Our sharepoint developers can be hired according to the needs of the clients.
  • Consistent delivery

    Consistent delivery

    We use diverse development and software tools with techniques like Scrum, Agile framework, depending on the requirement of the project. Our sharepoint developers ensure complete consistency when it comes to keeping you in the lop on the project progress.


We Work Together with Small, Medium and Large Enterprises
We understand that enterprises of different sizes conduct business differently. We transform their relationships with their suppliers, vendors and partners through our digital solutions.
Our services include:
  • Custom SharePoint Development for enterprise internal portal
  • Custom Office 365 application Development
  • Document Management system for Enterprises
  • SharePoint Migration Services
  • SharePoint Intranet, Extranet and Internet Development
  • Dedicated SharePoint Knowledge Management solutions
  • SharePoint Health checks and Remediation
  • Office 365 Migrations or SharePoint Online Development
Some of our outstanding clients
  • Bay Alarm Medical
  • Entrepreneur
  • Fossil
  • Times of India
  • Tridel Group
  • Gigasport (MBT)
  • Prestige Equipment
  • Bridgestone


We Work with Consulting Companies, Software Development Companies, and Agencies
We work with agencies on a project basis or as an extended team to provide digital solutions.
Our services include:
  • End-to-end Business Intelligence Services And Dashboards
  • SharePoint Farm Architecture Design
  • SharePoint Managed Services
  • Business Process Management with SharePoint Workflows
Brands we work with
  • Insomnia Cookies
  • Tdotperformance
  • Couponchief
  • 4SGM
  • Warehouse115
  • TexasArtSupply
  • Tent and Table
  • Blink


We Work with Global Tech Startups to Fulfill Their IT, Digital, IoT and Mobile Requirements
We support startups in bringing their ideas to fruition. We provide our expert software development services at every stage of the project.
Our services for startups are:
  • Prototype Designing
  • Minimum Viable Product
  • Product Engineering
  • Product Maintenance And Support
  • Product Re-engineering
  • Quality Assurance And Testing
We have worked with
  • TheWeedtube
  • Larson Jewellers
  • Intermountain Hearing Solution
  • DialCare
  • REPS2
  • MyyearBook
  • Password Boss
  • Everything Breaks

Helping the C-suite

Implement SharePoint Development Services to eliminate hiccups affecting C-Suite in your roadmap to success.
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Information Officer

Advanced courses offer clarity to top chiefs and help design an operative blueprint for the firm.

A Glance at Our SharePoint Development Solutions

Our team of SharePoint developers provide end-to-end customizations and business implementation services to resolve your business challenges.

SharePoint Services We Offer

  • SharePoint consulting
  • SharePoint development
  • SharePoint migration
  • SharePoint support and maintenance
  • PowerSuite Implementation
  • Custom SharePoint Application Development

Case Studies

  • .Net Core Based Multi-tenant CRM Ticketing Platform To Enrich Customer Experience For 100+ Retail Chains
    .Net Core Based Multi-tenant CRM Ticketing Platform To Enrich Customer Experience For 100+ Retail Chains
    View Case Study
  • Kuwait’s Multinational Company Noted 41% Boost In ROI After A Launch of 7 Sales Mobile Apps For Their Automotive Group
    Kuwait’s Multinational Company Noted 41% Boost In ROI After A Launch of 7 Sales Mobile Apps For Their Automotive Group
    View Case Study
  • Brainvire Develops SaaS-based Platform for Multi-tenant Usage for US-based Accounting and Loans Servicing Firm
    Brainvire Develops SaaS-based Platform for Multi-tenant Usage for US-based Accounting and Loans Servicing Firm
    View Case Study
  • 25% reduction in Logistics Cost with improvement in Logistics Asset Utilization
    25% reduction in Logistics Cost with improvement in Logistics Asset Utilization
    View Case Study
  • 43% Boost in Logistics Efficiency with Freight Management Application
    43% Boost in Logistics Efficiency with Freight Management Application
    View Case Study
  • 39% Surge in Urban Vehicle Parking Revenues After a Smart Vehicle Parking Application was Fuelled by IoT
    39% Surge in Urban Vehicle Parking Revenues After a Smart Vehicle Parking Application was Fuelled by IoT
    View Case Study
  • A Food Delivery-cum-Management App Generates Revenues to the Tune of USD 20 Million Within 3 Months of Launch
    A Food Delivery-cum-Management App Generates Revenues to the Tune of USD 20 Million Within 3 Months of Launch
    View Case Study

Our SharePoint Solutions

  • SharePoint ConsultingSharePoint Consulting
    Through our SharePoint consulting services, we address the full scope of pre- and post-deployment challenges to ensure proper operation of the end solutions and positive user experience
  • Custom SharePoint Development ServicesCustom SharePoint Development Services
    Our team of experienced SharePoint professionals is capable of transforming diverse business requirements into highly flexible and scalable SharePoint solutions that will take your business to the next level.
  • SharePoint Hybrid ArchitectureSharePoint Hybrid Architecture
    For current customizations, third-party solutions or integrated legacy applications, our SharePoint Hybrid Environments for businesses can be a great cost-effective solution.
  • SharePoint OutsourcingSharePoint Outsourcing
    Our SharePoint specialists possess a rich, diverse knowledge of technology and business experience from working on a wide range of IT projects, while offering you competitive pricing.

Other SharePoint Solutions

  • SharePoint Integration
    SharePoint Integration
    We follow Microsoft Enterprise best integration methods and custom connectors to bring the SharePoint features to platform-based and custom apps, for smoothing business workflows, communication, and knowledge exchange.
  • SharePoint Managed Services
    SharePoint Managed Services
    Our expert sharepoint development professionals help you to maximize your technology investments by focusing on simplified management of your infrastructure and growing use and adoption of your current and future technology.
  • Enterprise Content Management
    Enterprise Content Management
    SharePoint application development lets you create and publish content on intranet, extranet or internet websites in a timely manner with familiar tools and considerably reduces the management cost.
  • SharePoint Health Checks And Assessments
    SharePoint Health Checks And Assessments
    We provide services which can identify issues before they occur, and in turn can save significant time and money, overcome challenges and risks, and ensure adherence to safeguard the quality of the final deliverables.

Brainvire’s SharePoint Expertise

Microsoft SharePoint is an outstanding platform providing robust solutions and custom application development for companies of different sizes. Brainvire provides high-end SharePoint software solutions that provide knowledge sharing, enterprise search implementation, business processes and business intelligence to streamline the workflow and company operations. For more than a decade, Brainvire has helped companies improve their market strength by leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint. We have built our services to transform this flexible framework into a multi-level collaboration and intensive workflow enabler, and a robust basis for enterprise-wide information and innovation management. Whenever an organization plans to introduce or update a corporate intranet, partner or vendor platform, customize a content management solution, or set up a knowledge management system, our SharePoint team is ready to do the job. While aligning SharePoint's components with organizational needs, we strive to contribute to the development and growth of our customers' companies.
  • SharePoint Migration
    Our developers are experienced in the entire migration process from SharePoint On premise to SharePoint online or Office 365 development.
  • SharePoint branding and design services
    Branding and design are key elements for any intranet. Our UI designers work with the SharePoint development team to engage and create beautiful user interface designs that meet customer expectations.
  • Office 365 and SharePoint online
    Sharepoint online with Office 365 has many tools to improve collaboration between teams, and streamline document creation securely.
  • Deployment Planning Services (SDPS)
    We understand the infinite possibilities with SharePoint and optimize the core SharePoint capabilities. We incorporate best practices to help lower the risks and costs of planning a deployment.
  • Custom WebParts Development
    Our SharePoint team is experienced in delivering custom web part solutions to significantly enhance SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2007 (WSS 3.0, MOSS 2007) capabilities.
  • Support and maintenance
    Our team of consultants, developers and administrators will assist you in solving a variety of SharePoint-related challenges from basic technical inconsistencies to sophisticated adoption issues.
How Can Brainvire Help?

How Can Brainvire Help?

We have a dedicated team of Microsoft SharePoint Developers who can develop and deploy Custom SharePoint Applications. Our team understands your organization's workflow, business processes , and business content management needs.We help you design a custom SharePoint portal to enhance your company's business performance and maximize your return on SharePoint Application development investment.
Shift to Continuous Delivery
Shift to Continuous Delivery

SharePoint Managed Solutions

With over 100 completed SharePoint projects, we know how to turn out-of-box SharePoint into a personalized SharePoint Intranet or Extranet, a document and workflow management system, a responsive public website, a information and creativity management tool, an HR or project management system, a helpdesk portal, and more.
  • SharePoint Intranets
    We build up fully functional SharePoint intranets to enable organization-wide collaboration. We fill your intranet with a variety of apps to keep your workers tuned to the working process in an evolving market environment.
  • SharePoint Extranets
    We know that effective external partnership determines your company stability and growth. To help you develop good relationships with your clients, suppliers and partners, we create SharePoint Extranets to help you remain linked to users outside your company.
  • SharePoint Document management tools
    We build well-structured document libraries and set metadata features to enable users to easily identify. It also helps in searching their documents, and introducing appropriate document management workflows to ensure fully automated document circulation inside and outside the organization.
  • SharePoint workflow management solutions
    As a leading sharepoint development company, we bring robust workflow management systems to life and add workflow management capabilities to other SharePoint applications. This helps maximize employees' efforts and time they spend on their daily tasks. We incorporate custom workflows as well as offer custom event receivers to cover the most complex business processes.
Benefits Of Our SharePoint Development Services

Benefits Of Our SharePoint Development Services

We recognize the vision of your company and strive to provide you with solutions customized to your unique business needs. We have successfully developed a range of custom SharePoint applications that meet today's and tomorrow's business needs. Increased staff efficiency due to smooth company processes, efficient team collaboration that reduces project life-cycle, safe and centralized role-based access to all data through various systems, etc. are some of the advantages. Streamlined company processes Smooth team and project management Shared content management systems Site customizations


SharePoint for education
Automotive Industry Mobile Apps
Automotive Industry Mobile Apps
View Portfolio
SharePoint for gaming
SaaS-Based CRM Ticketing Suite for Retail Chains
SaaS-Based CRM Ticketing Suite for Retail Chains
View Portfolio
SharePoint for media and entertainment
BI Reports for Hospices Management Firm
BI Reports for Hospices Management Firm
View Portfolio
SharePoint for ecommerce
Amazon for Builders
Amazon for Builders
View Portfolio

Awards And Recognition


  • What services does Brainvire for SharePoint?

    Some of our sharepoint services include consulting, deployment, migration, and support. We store a range of SharePoint solutions like hybrid and custom SharePoint app development, SharePoint health check and architecture building. Overall, we are recognized as a complete sharepoint development company.
  • Why should I use SharePoint software instead of a file share?

    SharePoint has a document version control, which allows users to review the documents for alteration and then save them accordingly. Users can show the current status of the documents to see who reviewed them. They can receive updates when the document is updated and saved. It also makes it easy to restore a document to its previous state in the event of any problems.
  • What web browsers are supported by SharePoint?

    SharePoint supports a range of web browsers that are widely used, such as Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. However, some browsers can restrict functionality or are only available using alternative measures. At times, some of the roles might not be available for non-critical administrative activities.
  • Are the SharePoint plans in Office 365 the same as SharePoint Standard and Enterprise?

    No, each program has different features and limitations. Users select a strategy based on their business needs that can make a difference in their company.
  • How safe is SharePoint shared data?

    As part of the Microsoft Office 365 service, it is protected by the same safe network protection policy, specified user access, and physical data permissions. Furthermore, using encryption keys guarantees maximum access to the file. Brainvire is a certified SharePoint service provider that meets the necessary security and software development protocols to ensure optimum data safety.
  • Is SharePoint worth the investment?

    With SharePoint, you will be able to let Microsoft control and even store your data and have protected access to it over the Internet. It's cost efficient because you don't have to maintain and install your own IT infrastructure. Since SharePoint makes it easy for management to access critical data and keeps them well informed, they are able to make strategic decisions that help to boost business growth.
  • Will I need SharePoint training to use it?

    To ensure that users have the right knowledge to share documents, set up team pages, manage SharePoint, build applications or customize workflows — we recommend that users attend training. Training can be performed as part of the User Acceptance Training (UAT) and/or Change Management Program of your project to be supported by your implementation partner.
  • How would integrating SharePoint into my enterprise improvise my business process?

    Integrating SharePoint with one or several enterprise solutions can yield multiple benefits such as: Single content repository Centralized collaboration Extended capabilities of enterprise systems Controllable business flows Successful business processes
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