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About Client

The client holds years of experience in foreign teacher management. The company is Taiwan’s first and the biggest multilingual online learning center that offers a variety of courses in multiple regions of China, Japan and Taiwan, with a number of participants doubling every year. The client owns an e-learning system that used for online learning with a wide range of learning courses covering the majority of subjects. With the help of tutorials, videos and, documents the learning is effective for learners as well as for professionals.

Business Challenges

The client’s requirements were to automate the whole processes and looking forward to develop diff platforms for its departments. Client started workflow management with us to track the ideas from external and internal sources and streamline the entire management across the website. This automation requirement consists of an internal management tool for the various courses and workflow management. From the opening request for the new course and manage it with the role-based access, the client needed an appropriate and impeccable internal management tool for their employees. The client was looking forward to further development of learning platforms like E-Learning. The current system does not consist of any equipment to track ideas sourced from internal and external implement which they can possibly implement in the system. The client wanted to develop an internal software where managers could assign the tasks to resources and track down the process easily and check if it’s working perfectly.


As per the requirement of our client, an internal web-based software app was developed which served the purpose of streamlining the process of task assigning and issues tracking. Brainvire has already run well with this kind of Project Management tool where project assigned by respective managers and worksheets are fulfilled by the employees. For the internal better management with the courses and associated employees, this internal tool development manages a structured flow of assignment of work and timely reporting.


  • Task assigning
  • Task creation
  • Issue creation
  • Issue tracking
  • Timely reporting
  • Tracking of external as well internal data
  • Structured flow of assignment
  • Ability to track down latest trends and ideas
  • Project Task – to add new task in the system of launch new project
  • Project Issue – to raise the issue in the system


  • Delivered a top edge solution full-filling all the objectives of client.
  • Complete automated process from task creation, task assignment and task completion.
  • Tracking and timely reporting feature ensured smooth workflow process
  • Internal Management improved drastically